How To Live Comfortably with Asthma

Asthma is a lifelong medical condition that causes difficulty in breathing. While it has no cure, there are several remedies that you can try in order to live a comfortable life.

Medical Solutions

Rescue Inhalers

These inhalers provide relief from the symptoms of asthma. They relax the muscles around your airways, thereby making it easier to breathe. Common forms of rescue medication such as long-acting and short-acting beta-agonists are used to rapidly combat the symptoms of an asthma attack.


These devices convert medication from liquid form into a mist that you can inhale through your nose and into your lungs. Like inhalers, they are also used to open your airways and allow easier breathing.


This involves receiving allergy shots that will reduce your immune system’s reaction to certain allergens. It is a controller medication that is meant to prevent asthma attacks and limit 


This is a pill that helps to keep the smooth muscles around the airways relaxed. It is usually taken on a daily basis and is a preventative measure for any future asthma attacks.

Natural Home Remedies

Herbal Remedies

Black seed oil, ginger, and caffeine can help open your airways. While not as effective as medication, this is a natural and non-harmful way to combat asthma. Food with choline can help your body to function effectively. Some examples of such food include eggs, poultry, peanuts, and cauliflower.

Breathing Exercises

By practicing breathing exercises, you can limit the amount of medication that you require in order to manage your asthma symptoms. 

Avoid Asthma Triggers

Keep clear of substances that can worsen your asthma symptoms. Examples include dust mites, tobacco smoke, cockroaches, mold, and cold air. You should also fumigate your home for cockroaches and other pests that could be hidden there. Make sure to keep food and garbage in closed containers so as not to lure insects into your home.