When it comes to enjoying summer, hitting the beach is a necessity! But in order to maximize your pleasure, you’ll want to wear a swimsuit that makes you look and feel good. From miracle swimsuits to tankinis, here are the best bathing suits for women that you can try out this summer!

Types of Swimsuits

Before picking out a swimsuit, you’ll need to decide which swimsuit style you’re most comfortable with wearing. Here are the most common styles:

  • One-Piece — this swimsuit provides a broad coverage, extending across your entire torso. While not as revealing as other swimsuits, the one-piece provides plenty of support and comfort
  • Bikini — this two-piece swimsuit covers the bust and groin area, thereby providing more exposure. The perk of a bikini is that it is highly customizable; you can mix and match tops and bottoms that have different shapes and designs.
  • Tankini — this is viewed as the middle ground between the one-piece and bikini. While a two-piece bathing suit like a bikini, the tankini top is significantly larger, often extending down to the waist. If you prefer to conceal your stomach but still want some customization, the tankini is for you.
  • Bandini — similar in concept to the tankini, the bandini top is often strapless and tends to be more high rise, thus making it more revealing. What’s great about bandinis is that even though they can be revealing, they also tend to often have built-in support, making them comfortable for all body shapes.
  • Rashguard — this top fits like a long sleeved t-shirt and is ideal for water sports such as kayaking, surfing, and paddleboarding. It also provides ample protection from the sun.

Recommended Brands

Once you have decided which swimsuit types you would like to try out, you’ll want to find a stylish yet reliable and comfortable bathing suit. In order to help you do so, here are some of the most reputable swimwear brands that you should check out:

  • Miraclesuit — using their signature Miratex™ fabric, this brand provides a range of comfortable and stylish swimsuits that contour your body and bring out the best of your figure. If you’re looking to turn heads as you hit the beach, then a Miracle Swimsuit is for you!
  • Cupshe — focused on empowering women with daring styles and colors, Cupshe Swimsuits are an excellent choice for women of all clothing sizes. These swimsuits are also designed to be worn away from the beach, such as if you decide to grab some brunch by the pool with some of your friends.
  • Gottex Swimwear — since 1956, this high-end Israeli brand has specialized in producing highly-fashionable swimwear. From one-pieces to tankinis and beyond, Gottex swimsuits ooze in style! 
  • Roxy Swimwear — a sister brand of Quicksilver, Roxy is focused on designing daring and fashionable swimwear for young women who embrace the surf scene. 
  • Trina Turk Swimwear — designed by Californian local Trina Turk, this line of swimwear is inspired by California’s multiculturalism, landscape, and flavors.

Bottom Line

When it comes to picking out your next swimsuit, the options are endless. Check out some of the brands above in your search and make the most of the glorious summer weather!

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