Teeth are not only crucial for chewing; they also happen to make a huge difference to your physical appearance. Fortunately, if you happen to have lost some teeth, you can restore your smile by getting dental implants! Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about this groundbreaking procedure.

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that looks and functions like an authentic one. During the implant surgery procedure, the root of the missing tooth is replaced with a metal post, to which the artificial tooth is connected. Instead of unrealistic or uncomfortable dentures, dental implants enable you to continue functioning as if your tooth had never been lost in the first place!

The Dental Implant Process

In order to begin the process, you will need to determine if you are a suitable candidate for implants. This involves consulting with your dental surgeon who will take 3D scans and x-rays of your mouth. This will help the surgeon to determine if you have enough bone for the dental implant to be latched onto. Prior to surgery, your doctor will also inquire as to your medical history, including any medical conditions you may have and medications you take. This will help them to prescribe any necessary antibiotics prior to surgery.

Once being prepped for surgery, an anesthetic may be administered to you. This could be local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the option that your medical team believes is best for you.

Normally, the dental implant surgery process is comprised of numerous stages, all of which are performed at separate times. These are:

  • Removal of the damaged tooth (if necessary)
  • Jawbone preparation
  • Placement of the dental implant
  • Bone healing
  • Abutment placement (the piece that the tooth will screw onto)
  • Artificial tooth placement

Dental Implant Cost

On average, the total cost of a dental implant can range from $3,000 to $4,500, sometimes exceeding this price range in rare cases. 

This general price estimate includes the cost of the surgical procedure itself (often costing between $1,500 and $2,800), as well as additional costs such as CT scans, X-rays, tooth extraction, bone grafting (if necessary) and pre- and post-op care.

Unfortunately, dental implants are not covered by most health insurance plans, meaning that you will have to pay entirely out of pocket for your procedure.

Can I Get Affordable Dental Implants?

While costly, dental implants are entirely worth their price tag, especially when compared to less effective tooth replacement options such as dentures. There are, however, some strategies that you could adopt to get yourself more affordable dental implants.

Instead of solely relying on Medicare or Medicaid for your health insurance needs, you should consider getting dental insurance. Unlike regular health insurance, dental insurance often provides coverage for dental implants, sometimes paying as much as 50% of the total cost!

There are also several dental practises that partner up with insurance companies to provide dental savings plans. By signing up for one of these plans, you will benefit from discounts on a range of dental procedures, including implants. 

Just one example of a dental practise that offers a dental savings plan is Sage Dental, which has numerous offices across Florida and Georgia. Make sure to do thorough research online to find the best dental savings plans in your area. Through meticulous research, you’re bound to find several affordable dentist that offer affordable dental implants thanks to their membership programs.

In Conclusion

If you’re longing to replace your missing tooth, then getting a dental implant is a decision you won’t regret. Not only will this procedure enable you to chew your food like normal, but it will also restore your million dollar smile!

If you’re contemplating buying a used car, you’re far from alone, between private-party and dealership sales, nearly 40 million used vehicles change hands each year. Many drivers are choosing to go for used cars because the initial price is lower, and also most of the depreciation has already occurred. So when the day comes and you’ll want to sell it, you will get almost the same price you sold it for, depending on its age.

Dealerships have a much wider selection, less hassle and you always have a place to turn to if you regret. Buying privately from the owner is a bit more risky, you have more to loose and more to gain as well. One of the biggest advantages when buying from the owner, it’s easier to haggle and lower the price when you buy privately.
In short, buying a used car can be a bit treacherous if you don’t know what to look for and how to shop for them. Search further for amazing offers and deals.

In addition to causing pain and itchiness, psoriasis can also bring down your physical appearance, making you feel self-conscious in the process. Fortunately, there are several psoriasis treatments out there to help keep it under control! Let’s learn more about the most common psoriasis types and see how you can overcome this chronic illness!

Plaque Psoriasis is the most common type and is characterised by raised patches of red skin with a white scaly layer on top. These patches can itch and burn and often appear on the elbows, knees, lower back, and scalp. Guttate Psoriasis, on the other hand, appears in the form of small, pinkish-reddish spots on the skin and is extremely rare. It is often found on the torso and can also appear on the face and scalp. Inverse Psoriasis forms in skinfolds, usually around the armpits, groin, buttocks, genitals, and under the breasts. Due to the moisture contained in these areas, the red patches caused by inverse psoriasis do not form any white or silver scales. No matter which type of psoriasis you are affected by, there are several treatment methods that you can use to keep it under control. Psoriasis cream often helps to soothe the affected area and prevent the skin from becoming too dry or itchy. Another effective therapy for psoriasis is phototherapy, which exposes the skin to ultraviolet light. This treatment is typically administered at a doctor’s office. If your psoriasis is severe, your doctor may prescribe psoriasis medication. Sometimes, psoriasis may be treated using a combination of psoriasis treatment cream, medication, and light therapy for psoriasis.

So if you think you might be suffering from psoriasis; don’t hesitate to contact your doctor. With so many treatment options, you can keep your psoriasis under control and live your life to the fullest!

Whether you have a family or live alone, your home is your sanctuary. As such, falling victim to crimes within the confines of home is a truly harrowing experience. In order to help you guarantee your safety, here are the best home security systems that you can install to protect your family.

In order to combat the latest criminal techniques, you’ll need to be equipped with the most advanced security tech. This is where Vivint Smart Home Security System comes in. Arguably the best home security that money can buy, the Vivint Smart Home System comes with indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras with 24/7 recording capabilities. Leveraging the latest AI technology, Vivint Smart Home will identify any would be intruders before they gain entry to your home. What’s particularly great with this system is that you can oversee everything from the Vivint mobile app, meaning that you remain in the know even if you’re away. Of course, you could opt to install a DIY security system, thereby cutting costs. If this is the case, then you should consider the SimpliSafe Home Security System, one of the few high-end security systems that you can install entirely on your own. If you decide that you would prefer some assistance from an expert, then SimpliSafe will charge you only $79 for professional installation. SimpliSafe has a variety of packages to choose from, ranging from basic systems from smaller homes to state-of-the-art systems with water and smoke sensors so that you can prevent fires in your home. Of course, there are some more traditional home security systems for people who are not so tech-savvy. With an extensive reputation in the private security industry, the Blue by ADT Home Security System provides you with several reliable home security options, all of which include 24/7 monitoring by this top security company.

Don’t settle when it comes to your family’s safety. As you can see, there are plenty of outstanding home security systems out there that can help you prevent crime from entering your home before intruders even have the chance to act.

Whether you’re trying to keep safe from viruses and other germs or perhaps looking to get rid of annoying pollutants such as pet hair and dust, a home air purification system is your ideal solution. Let’s take a look at the best commercial air purifiers for providing clean air to your home.

If you have a large living space, then you’ll need the help of a purifier that can keep you protected at a distance. For this task, you should check out the Honeywell Home HPA300. For around $235, this Honeywell Air Purifier will remove up to 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. If you enjoy taking advantage of the latest tech, then consider getting a smart air purifier such as the Pure Cool Air Purifier and Tower Fan by Dyson. This wifi-enabled Dyson air purifier has the ability to deliver real-time air quality reports to your smartphone via the Dyson app and can eliminate up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants. What’s more, this $529.99 air purifier has no accessible blades, making it safe for families with small children. Of course, once you set to make such a large purchase, you may want to get your hands on an air purifier that doubles as a heater as well. For this, you have the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, capable of purifying your air while keeping your home toasty during the chilly winter months. If you suffer from allergies, then an allergy air purifier could be your saving grace! Allergy air purifiers such as the Levoit LV-PUR131 Air Purifier are capable of eliminating all dust particles that trigger allergies while pumping fresh air back into the room, thereby providing you with near-instant relief.

With so many great air purifiers available right now, you can now remove viruses, bacterias and dust from your home while enjoying allergy relief! Whatever your priority is, home air purification is bound to be your solution!

While braces are an effective way to straighten crooked teeth, they also prove to be uncomfortable, not to mention unflattering in photographs. Fortunately, with an invisible aligner, you can achieve a perfect smile without the cons of braces! Let’s learn more about invisible aligners and why they are so highly recommended.

What Are Invisible Aligners?

These are clear plastic settings that are placed over your teeth to help them move into an ideal position. Unlike braces, they are invisible and therefore discrete, not to mention far less irritating.

How It Works

First of all, there are two methods for starting this process.

You could decide to do the at-home option, whereby you receive an impression kit from an invisible aligner company, or the in-person option, whereby you consult with your orthodontist. The at-home option involves receiving an impression kit, which you will use to make a putty mold of your teeth. Some companies also have retail stores that you can visit to get a 3D scan of your mouth, thereby foregoing the need for an impression kit. 

The in-person option includes going for a consultation with your orthodontist, who will either perform an x-ray or 3D scan and design a treatment plan according to the results. Unlike the at-home option, in-person consultations make it easy to make changes to the treatment if the need arises.

Upon receiving your aligners, you’re typically required to wear them for 20-22 hours per day, except for when you eat. Each set of invisible aligners lasts between 7 and 10 days before being replaced by a new one, with treatment plans lasting anywhere from six to 18 months of average, with some plans lasting longer or shorter depending on the amount of work that is required for your teeth.

Invisalign Prices

Prices vary depending on which invisible aligners company you decide to go with. Here are some of the best invisalign companies that you should consider before making a final decision:

  • Invisalign — credited with giving invisible aligners their popular nickname, Invisalign is the most widely known brand available. The Invisalign cost without insurance can be anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000, while several payment plans are available (monthly payments of up to 36 installments). With insurance, the cost can be significantly reduced.
  • Byte —  this company offers the quickest treatment times, with some patients achieving their desired results within 3 months. The All-Day Aligner System costs $1,895 (or $83 per month with a $349 down payment), while the At-Night Aligner System costs $2,295 (or $99 per month with a $449 down payment). Byte also works with numerous insurers.
  • SmileDirectClub — with its extensive network of retail stores, SmileDirectClub excels at providing in-person consultations. This company charges a one-time payment of $1,950, or $89 per month for 24 months with a $250 deposit.

With so many highly-reputable Invisible Aligner suppliers out there, you no longer have to rely on braces to straighten your smile. Start browsing invisible aligners today and reinstate your self-confidence!

When it comes to enjoying summer, hitting the beach is a necessity! But in order to maximize your pleasure, you’ll want to wear a swimsuit that makes you look and feel good. From miracle swimsuits to tankinis, here are the best bathing suits for women that you can try out this summer!

Types of Swimsuits

Before picking out a swimsuit, you’ll need to decide which swimsuit style you’re most comfortable with wearing. Here are the most common styles:

  • One-Piece — this swimsuit provides a broad coverage, extending across your entire torso. While not as revealing as other swimsuits, the one-piece provides plenty of support and comfort
  • Bikini — this two-piece swimsuit covers the bust and groin area, thereby providing more exposure. The perk of a bikini is that it is highly customizable; you can mix and match tops and bottoms that have different shapes and designs.
  • Tankini — this is viewed as the middle ground between the one-piece and bikini. While a two-piece bathing suit like a bikini, the tankini top is significantly larger, often extending down to the waist. If you prefer to conceal your stomach but still want some customization, the tankini is for you.
  • Bandini — similar in concept to the tankini, the bandini top is often strapless and tends to be more high rise, thus making it more revealing. What’s great about bandinis is that even though they can be revealing, they also tend to often have built-in support, making them comfortable for all body shapes.
  • Rashguard — this top fits like a long sleeved t-shirt and is ideal for water sports such as kayaking, surfing, and paddleboarding. It also provides ample protection from the sun.

Recommended Brands

Once you have decided which swimsuit types you would like to try out, you’ll want to find a stylish yet reliable and comfortable bathing suit. In order to help you do so, here are some of the most reputable swimwear brands that you should check out:

  • Miraclesuit — using their signature Miratex™ fabric, this brand provides a range of comfortable and stylish swimsuits that contour your body and bring out the best of your figure. If you’re looking to turn heads as you hit the beach, then a Miracle Swimsuit is for you!
  • Cupshe — focused on empowering women with daring styles and colors, Cupshe Swimsuits are an excellent choice for women of all clothing sizes. These swimsuits are also designed to be worn away from the beach, such as if you decide to grab some brunch by the pool with some of your friends.
  • Gottex Swimwear — since 1956, this high-end Israeli brand has specialized in producing highly-fashionable swimwear. From one-pieces to tankinis and beyond, Gottex swimsuits ooze in style! 
  • Roxy Swimwear — a sister brand of Quicksilver, Roxy is focused on designing daring and fashionable swimwear for young women who embrace the surf scene. 
  • Trina Turk Swimwear — designed by Californian local Trina Turk, this line of swimwear is inspired by California’s multiculturalism, landscape, and flavors.

Bottom Line

When it comes to picking out your next swimsuit, the options are endless. Check out some of the brands above in your search and make the most of the glorious summer weather!

While bathing may be a mandatory part of personal hygiene, no one said it had to be boring. With a unique bathtub, you can transform bath time into a relaxing and even entertaining activity! Let’s take a look at some of the most intriguing bathtubs that will turn bath time into playtime!

Are you unsure as to whether you feel like taking a bath or shower? Why not do both with a walk in tubshower! Unlike a regular bath, the walk-in tub has a shower door, providing a less accident-prone passage of entry than a standard bathtub. It also typically comes with a handrail and slip resistance, thereby putting your safety first. What’s more, this innovative tub shower combo includes luxurious features such as a wide seat with a heated backrest and whirlpool jets that send your body to massage heaven. Due to such extensive luxury and safety features, walk in tubs prices can be fairly costly, ranging anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000 depending on features. If you would prefer to enjoy the fun of a walk in tubshower but are not really as concerned about receiving extra safety measures, then a jacuzzi tub is a great alternative for you. Much like the tub shower combo, a jacuzzi tub comes with hydrotherapy jets aimed at massaging your body and providing you with some much needed pampering after a long day at the office. Jacuzzi tubs can cost anywhere from $600 to over $15,000, meaning that they can be an affordable alternative to the walk in tubshower depending on the features you’re after.

By selecting a unique bathtub for your home, your bath time can provide you with far more than a simple cleaning. Consider one of the above options and pamper yourself like never before!

Contrary to what many people think, not all dog food was created equal. In order to ensure that your furry pal receives all the best nutrition, you’ll need to supply them with healthy dog food of the highest order. Take a look at these recommended dog foods for your pup!

The most important thing to note before choosing your dog food is that each dog has different nutritional requirements, based on age and state of health. For this reason, it is important to be informed on the proportion of wet vs dry dog food that you should be feeding your four-legged friend. If dry food is what is required for your dog, then Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food is a sublime choice. Filled with chicken, oatmeal and peas, this meal is ideal for dogs of varying ages and sizes and is one of the best grain-inclusive kibbles on the market. Other highly-recommended brands of dry food include Nature’s Logic, Orijen, Diamond Naturals, and Wellness Core. If wet food is what you’re after, then be sure to check out Freshpet Fresh From the Kitchen. This scrumptious Freshpet dog food consists of a range of home-cooked, all natural ingredients, including chicken, cranberries, and carrots, thereby providing a well-rounded, nutritious meal. Eukanuba dog food is another brand that specializes in providing nutritious wet meals. If you happen to have a puppy, you should check out the Eukanuba Puppy Mixed Grill Chicken and Beef Dinner, filled with a juicy combo of chicken and beef along with real vegetables and antioxidants to boost your dog’s immune system. Other highly-recommended brands include Royal Canin dog food; a brand that specializes in food for both puppies and adult dogs, as well as Ollie Dog Food, a dog food delivery service that prepares custom meals plans specific to your dogs needs and delivers only the freshest ingredients to your doorstep!

Make sure to check out the above recommendations so that you can treat your dog to scrumptious yet nutritious meals!

While retirement may be viewed as a permanent vacation, it can also prove to be an anxiety-inducing time from a financial perspective. After all, the transition from living on a full-time salary to surviving on limited pension payouts can prove to be challenging. Fortunately, by obtaining low-income senior housing, you can live out your retirement years in a relaxing yet affordable way!  Click to search for more information.

Currently, there is plenty of affordable housing for seniors. Co-operative housing is one increasingly popular choice, whereby the residents of an apartment block all jointly own the building and share costs with one other. Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly is a stellar option for seniors with very low incomes who may need assistance during their everyday life, such as cooking, cleaning, and transportation. One innovative initiative by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is its Housing Choice Voucher Program, which provides low-income citizens with rental vouchers so that they can pick out the apartment of their choice on the private property market. Another viable option is public housing, which is typically apartment blocks that are operated by city or county public housing agencies. This housing is targeted towards tenants with low incomes, with many of them being retirees.

Now that you know what types of affordable housing options are out there, you may be wondering how you can find your desired home. A great place to start would be by reaching out to a nearby HUD office or a local public housing authority in your city. These facilities are bound to have a wealth of information that you can use to begin your hunt for an affordable yet blissful retirement!