The Secret to Hiring Quality Cleaning Services

Hard to find good help these days? This has ALWAYS been a pesky issue in most households across America, but add to that a worldwide pandemic, making everyone super stressed over hygiene and germs… Now it’s near to impossible.

Janitors, maids & cleaning services can help maintain health standards and improve living conditions as well as lower chances of a health scare. The 8 tips below can help you find high quality, local cleaning services for your home.

  • Type of cleaning service. First, decide whether you want an individual or a professional cleaning service to clean your home. Be aware that individual cleaners usually cost less, but then you’re responsible for carrying the insurance and performing background checks.
  • Referrals. Get referrals from family and friends. They can give you a more accurate and complete picture than online reviews or advertisements. And don’t just take the word of one person. Ask around, shop around and interview the cleaning service before you choose. If possible, get referrals from previous customers too.
  • Rates. Ask upfront whether the cleaning service charges per service delivered, per hour, per square foot, or a flat fee. And get an in-home estimate so price issues won’t arise later. 
  • Liability insurance. If you hire a cleaning service, make sure it has general liability insurance to protect you from theft or damages too, not just a bond that protects the company itself from theft. However, if you hire an independent cleaner, you will be responsible for insurance.
  • Experience. Find out how long the cleaning service has been in business and if it has any accreditations or affiliations with other professional organizations. Experience, good standing, and a strong local reputation are positive indications of a trustworthy and reliable company.
  • Services offered. Learn which services the company offers so you have a clear understanding of what you will be getting, and make sure the service understands your expectations as well. Before you hire them, see if they take special requests such as folding the laundry or cleaning the windows. Also see if the service has its own requests such as keeping all pets outdoors or removing bedding before they arrive
  • Employees or contractors. Does the company rely on a staff of regular employees or contract workers? Contractors often don’t have the same commitment as employees so their work can be subpar.  Employees, on the other hand, receive benefits from their employers, so they are more accountable to them and their work will reflect that. Also ask if the company does background checks on its employees to better ensure the safety of the homes they clean.
  • Terms of service. Lastly, ask about the service’s policy for cancelations or schedule changes. Most companies will charge a fee for last minute cancellations, but the fee and the amount of time you have to cancel without being charged, should be reasonable.

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