Embark On The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure By Taking Up Rock Climbing!

Calling all thrill-seekers! If you’re looking for an exciting new hobby to get you over the lockdown blues, then rock climbing is for you. From its many health benefits to its social-distancing measures, there are plenty of reasons to take up this adrenaline-pumping sport! Here’s why you should take up rock climbing as well as the gear you’ll need to get started. But what is it that makes this sport so popular?

It’s A Total Body Workout – Rockclimbing exercises your entire body, developing your upper body and lower body muscles at the same time. What’s more, it also builds stamina, strength, and flexibility! If you become a regular rock climber, this sport will provide you with all the exercise you need!

It Boosts Your Brain Power! Rock climbing involves plenty of problem-solving. After all, you need to determine which rocks are solid, where to place your foot, and how to approach your next move. This results in a high-intensity workout for your brain as well!

It’s Coronavirus Friendly! If you’re looking for a hobby to get you through the coronavirus while maintaining social distancing, then rock climbing is perfect for you!

Before you can fiercely take on your first challenge, you’ll need to equip yourself with all the necessary rock climbing gear. Here is everything you’ll need to get started!

Clothing– In order to attain maximum performance, you’ll need specialized rock-climbing apparel. Firstly, rock climbing shoes are necessary for gripping footholds. You’ll also need a durable helmet to cushion your head from rocks and falling debris — particularly if you choose to do rock climbing outdoors. While not essential, it is recommended that you wear rock climbing pants as these will allow you to remain comfortable and flexible as you climb.

Safety Gear – Whether you choose to do indoor or outdoor climbing, your safety remains a priority. Firstly, you’ll need a climbing rope and harness to prevent you from falling should you lose your grip. A belay device is also necessary for controlling your rope (such as when you want to rappel). You’ll also need to buy carabiners (strong, metal rings) so that you can keep your gear securely attached to your harness. Another great idea would be to buy some crash pads, which are thick foam pads that will break your fall in the unlikely event that your other safety equipment fails to prevent you from falling.