The Best Value For Money Cruise Lines

While there is nothing wrong with booking flights and hotel accommodation, those who have never been on a cruise don’t know what they’re missing. With entertainment, food, travel fares, and luxury lodging all being part of one juicy package deal, cruises provide value far above that of conventional vacations. So, if a cruise vacation sounds like something up your alley, then here are the best value cruise lines that you should consider for your next getaway!

MSC Cruises

While this cruise line enjoys a premium tier reputation, it offers plenty of travel options for holidaymakers on a budget. With destinations across North and South America, Asia, and the Mediterranean, MSC Cruises has travel options costing less than $100 per night per person. This cruise line is ideal for families, with special offers including free cruises for kids under the age of 11 and free nights for kids between 12 and 17 on certain trips. Some attractive features for adults including adult-only pools and theatres. What’s more, MSC Cruises offers 4D movies!

Celebrity Cruises

With just 15 ships in its fleet, Celebrity Cruises is a small cruise line offering a top-of-the-range cruise experience. Celebrity Cruises has won numerous awards for its services, particularly its onboard dining. All ships in this cruise line’s fleet offer extensive entertainment features including kids clubs, bars, lounges, and movie theatres. Celebrity Cruises will take you to a host of unique destinations worldwide, including Alaska, Bermuda, Canada, and the Panama Canal.

Royal Caribbean International

As one of the largest cruise lines across the world, Royal Caribbean International’s fleet is able to accommodate thousands of guests on every ship, thereby enabling the cruise line to keep costs low. Despite its name, Royal Caribbean provides cruises to destinations worldwide, ranging from the Bahamas to Greece, Thailand, and New Zealand. While trips to many popular destinations cost as little as $200 per person, other features include free cancellation, best price guarantee, and free cruises for kids.

Holland America Line

With a ratio of one staff member to three guests on each ship, Holland America Line provides travelers with highly personalized service. In addition, each cruise ship comes with its own theme, decor, and features, thereby enabling you to choose an option that best suits your tastes. While you may expect such options to come at a hefty price, you’d be sorely mistaken – Holland America Line provides you with plenty of ways to save, including gift card promotions and email subscriptions to receive special offers.

Costa Cruises

This Italian cruise line specializes in providing traditional Italian hospitality on cruises around the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, and the Americas. With a ratio of one staff member to every three guests, this cruise line provides each passenger with individual attention while keeping them entertained with gyms, jogging tracks, spas, jacuzzis, casinos, and aqua parks.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know which cruise lines provide the best value for money, you can set out to book your dream cruise and receive excellent value for every dollar!