Winter Is Coming in Style With These Luxury Footwear Essentials

Convenience and Versatility. They’re two important factors in any part of your wardrobe. Picture Cary Grant donning some suave Gucci loafers or polished Brooks Brothers wingtips. Or yourself in a sturdy pair of versatile well-made boots from quality shoemakers like Timberland and Allen Edmonds that will keep your feet dry and warm while shoveling the walk or collecting firewood, and still look stylish on a trip into town or a day at work.

Great slippers are this season’s WFH essential, so if COVID-19 precautions have got you working remotely, then a pair of cozy stay-at-home shoes that you love is an obvious necessity. For Zoom-filled workdays, weekends in the mancave and everything in between, imagine yourself in a pair of killer house slippers like snazzy Gucci slip-ons, foot-hugging Birkenstock clogs, or the luxe and distinguished Bottega Veneta’s slippers.

Start the day in your own perfect pair of personalized Derek Rose Limited “Crawford” closed-back slippers, or dip your feet into some warm woolly Charvet suedes. Swap those out with a pair of ‘tech-ed out’ Salomon Sport Hybrid Sneaker-Boots for the commute to work—they’re light on the feet like a sneaker, but equipped to keep your socks dry through messy sidewalks and streets.

With Holidays Right Around the Corner, a comfy pair of woolly winter slippers will make the perfect gift for your loved ones and relatives who are also stuck at home. And to keep it thoughtful, add a personal touch with monogrammed Haflinger GZ clogs or some statement-making Gucci Casual Loafers. You’ll Be The Winner Of Winter! Click here to shop this season’s trendiest luxury footwear.