Choose the Perfect Dining Table With These 7 Simple Steps

Dining room table trends have changed drastically in the past few years, now that most households have both parents working full time, meals are more of a spontaneous occurrence rather than a familial effort to gather round once a day.

More and more are eating on kitchen islands on the go or in front of the TV, not to mention how living spaces are becoming smaller and smaller.. Leaving less room for a massive wooden homey dining room table.

Has all this made the classic dining room table an obsolete furniture item for modern life? Many Interior Designers are getting requests to keep the dining room and the table, but make its functionality more versatile, serve more roles and keep this special and fond place to allow household members to gather round, unplugged and de-screened… spending quality time together like old times. But where to start with this critical decision? Here are some tips for choosing the right dining table to meet your family’s needs.

Measure Your Dining Area

Get out your measuring tape and determine the size of your dining space. This will help you focus your search on dining tables that are large enough to seat all of your family members yet do not make your dining room feel cramped or unwelcoming. Ideally, you should leave at least 90cm of space on all sides so that people can move around without hindrance.

Determine The Shape

The size of your dining area will dictate the shape that your dining table should be. For smaller, square spaces, a square or circular dining table will fit in just fine. If you have a larger, rectangular room, then you will be better off with a long, rectangular or oval table that utilizes the space well. 

Consider Different Bases

There are several different support bases that dinner tables may have, including pedestal, regular legs, and trestle. The base will greatly affect how many people can sit at the table comfortably. Before picking out a style, sit at tables with different types of bases to determine if you receive enough leg room. 

Pick Out Your Prefered Material

Now that you know which type of table will fit in with your dining space, its time to pick out the style you want! When doing so, it is important to first consider which materials best suit the style of your dining room. For example, if you have a traditional country style dining room with wood finishes, then a wooden dining table might be your best bet. If your dining room has a modern or industrial look, then you might want to consider dining tables with sleek, metal finishes. 

Test It Out

Before buying your dining table, you should see it in person. Visit a store that has it on display and check whether it meets your expectations. Also, ensure that it is sturdy, as a reliable dining table should provide ample support and last for many years.

Build A Mock Up

If you are still unsure of how the table will fit in with your dining area, build a mock table out of piles of magazines or boxes. Make sure to take measurements so that your model matches the width, breadth and height of the actual table. This will provide you with closure before making the final purchase.

Buy It And Enjoy!

Now that you have the tips you need in order to pick out your dream dining table, its time for you to begin the search! Keep the above guidelines in mind when browsing dining tables in your area.