4 Luxurious Pet Accessories, Cuz They Enjoy Nice Things Too!

Just about every pet owner you’ll ask will agree that they enrich our lives in incalculable ways. It’s only natural then, that we would want to pamper them as much as possible too with some luxurious accessories. They’re a wonderful way for you to show your dog or cat that you care about its comfort and happiness. Here’s a look at 4 luxury pet accessories to get you started:

Beds – Luxury dog (and other pets) beds are ultra-soft, have plush padding, supportive memory foam, orthopedic support, and built-in pillows. Special models include a split level bed, sofa shaped bed, or a heated or cooling dog bed. Pets have never had it so good!

Baths and Grooming Services Luxury dog & cat grooming spas offer hydrotherapy and relaxation therapy, Jacuzzi tubs with slip-resistant surfaces and swim and massage jets, specialty shampoos and conditioners, mud baths, acupuncture and of course the entire range of standard grooming treatments. Check out prices near you on your pets next birthday!!!

Food and water bowls Decadent food and water bowls are mostly about how they look, and they can look incredible! Choose from food bowls with special hues, food bowls made from bone china, stainless steel, porcelain or platinum, food bowls with lids, raised food bowls, cooling ceramic food bowls, and water bowls with fountains that filter and circulate the water.

Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses – Even collars, leashes and harnesses come in a variety of luxurious styles, although they obviously have a practical function too. Practicality aside, there’s a huge selection of designer collars from famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Hermes and Versace collars, as well as webbed harnesses in different colors, denim harness, Ashley William or Heron Preston leashes and more.