The Latest Cutting-Edge Drone Technology

While we’re all familiar with the basic quadcopter that flies around and takes photos, recent technological developments have provided drones with plenty of new purposes that you probably never imagined!

Let’s take a look at some of the latest drones on the market and learn about their many game changing functions.

The Boeing CAV – Cargo Shipping

Developed by the world famous aircraft manufacturer, the CAV drone is especially designed for delivering cargo. This drone can carry a load of up to 500 pounds and weighs a hefty 747 pounds itself. While still a prototype, this drone is expected to serve as a precursor for future autonomous flying aircraft.

Yuneec Typhoon H – Photography

Whether photography is your hobby or profession, then this is the optimal drone for you. The Typhoon H is equipped with a native three axis CG3+ gimbal camera that can take 4K footage at 30 fps, 1080p footage at 120 fps, and even twelve megapixel snapshots in any 360 degree direction. What’s more, this drone can stream live video directly to the screen included on the remote control unit. This drone is more durable than any other, with six rotors instead of four. If a rotor malfunctions, it will switch to five rotor mode and continue functioning like normal, without needing to return home. What’s more, its landing legs raise up in the air so as not to block the camera’s shot.

senseFly Ag 360 – Agriculture

This drone is specifically designed for detailed aerial crop analysis. With the ability of covering up to 500 acres and flying for 55 minutes nonstop, this drone captures vivid images with its Sequoia+ multispectral camera. By using the Pix4Dfields agricultural mapping software, farmers can transform the drone’s images into meaningful index maps depicting crop health. Ultimately, this drone will help formulate decisions regarding ground truthing and soil sampling. 

Aertos 120 Indoor Drone – Site Inspection

For quantity surveyors and other industrialists who conduct indoor inspections in confined spaces, this drone is a gamechanger. Aertos 120 drone is equipped with a FGC™ flight control system, allowing flight stability in GPS-denied areas. Equipped with a Full HD Video 4k camera, this drone is able to fly in tunnels, sewers, small tanks, electrical vaults, and narrow culverts. 

First IZ – First Responders

This drone works with the First IZ emergency response system. With a maximum speed of 60+ mph and a 90-minute flight time, this drone is designed to rush to emergency incidents and stream live video coverage so that responders know exactly what they can expect on arrival. What’s more, it can sniff out hazardous gasses and even hover over the incident for as long as responders require video coverage. 

In Conclusion

While drones have long had a reputation for being recreational gadgets, technological advancements are leading them to becoming far more important than previously realized.