5 Best Flower Delivery Services For Every Occasion

Fresh flowers are a go-to gift for a reason: Completely sure-fire and beautiful, a bouquet is the most foolproof way to let your loved one know just how much you acknowledge them.

But finding the perfect flower arrangement isn’t as easy as choosing from roses or hydrangeas. With a slew of flower delivery services, it’s essential to make sure you find one that is reliable and offers affordable options, and up to your standards, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifting).

Best for Convenience: Amazon – Here’s another perk for Amazon Prime members: With your subscription, you can get fresh blooms delivered from dozens of brands with free two-day shipping.

      2.  Best Arrangements: Farmgirl Flowers – Each of Farmgirl Flowers’ arrangements is unique, meaning no two bouquets will ever look the same. Plus, they come delivered in the company’s signature “upcycled” biodegradable coffee bags donated by local coffee roasters.

      3.  Best for Longevity: Venus Et Fleur – A box of fresh roses is the gift that keeps on giving — literally. These buds are pricey, but they’ll last for up to a year, no watering necessary. So your gift will last until next year!

     4.  Best Budget Pick: UrbanStems – UrbanStem’s bouquets start at just $45 — and with its subscription service, you can make sure your love has a fresh batch every one, three, or six months. 

     5.   Best for DIYers: Postal Petals – Postal Petals works with local farmers and will deliver seasonal bunches for you to arrange any way you want. That means you can create two bouquets out of one order or a delightfully large arrangement.

In Conclusion

Fresh flowers have the magical ability to brighten a mood instantly. Science says so! Whether you’ve got Valentine’s presents, an anniversary, or a gift for your BFF’s birthday on your mind, sending a gorgeous bouquet is an easy way to remind friends and family you care, even from afar.