Online Grocery Deliveries! The Easy And Safe Way

With the coronavirus pandemic restricting so many of us to the confines of our homes, shopping has become much more challenging. Fortunately, with grocery store delivery, you can complete all of your shopping without leaving the house! Let’s take a look at some of the best grocery delivery services to entrust with your shopping.

If you rely on Walmart for all your food and beverage needs, then Walmart Grocery is the online grocery delivery for you! For a small delivery fee, you can shop Walmart’s entire range of offerings and even enjoy same-day delivery. What’s more, by signing up for Walmart Delivery Unlimited, you can receive free delivery on all orders! If you’re more of a comparison shopper, then you should check out the Instacart grocery delivery app. This app puts you in touch with personal shoppers who will visit the store of your choice to purchase your groceries. What’s more, there are even some non-grocery stores such as butchers and fishmongers that are available on Instacart as well! For just $10 per month, your Instacart membership will provide you with an unlimited number of free deliveries! Are you extremely health-conscious? Then FreshDirect is the grocery delivery option for you! Serving mostly the northeastern area, FreshDirect provides both grocery deliveries and pre-prepared meals. What’s more, this service exclusively delivers high-quality, organic ingredients to your door. For massive savings on sustainable brands, choose Thrive Market. For a membership fee of $59 per year, Thrive Market offers discounts of up to 50% on non-GMO, non-toxic, and nutritious products.

With so many choices, you no longer have to worry about leaving your house during the pandemic in order to do your grocery shopping! Explore the grocery delivery services mentioned above to determine which is the grocery service for you!