Prepare to Drool – 5 Inspiring Gift Ideas Under $30

With the holidays just around the corner, shoppers are already stocking up on their annual supply of Holiday gifts! Shopping for all your family and friends might seem like a tedious and costly responsibility, but not anymore! You can save plenty of money on an assortment of affordable yet delightful presents, and have a blast while shopping with these whimsical, outlandish and indulgent gift ideas under $30! 

Keepsake Photo Frames

With Keepsake frames, spoil your loved ones by allowing them to relive their most cherished memories! Made in the USA, Keepsake’s photo frames can be ordered within minutes and delivered directly to your loved one’s door. Simply select a photograph on your smartphone or computer, choose which frame to place it in, and watch your loved one smile with delight as they receive their beautifully-framed photograph within days! 

CaitlynMinimalist Named Earrings

While there is an assortment of dazzling jewelry out there, nothing is quite as sentimental as these personalized earrings! Available from the ETSY store, these earrings are hand crafted from solid sterling silver and 18K gold. What’s more, each pair is specially designed to feature any name or phrase you desire, including your loved one’s own name! With more than 61,000 positive reviews, show your loved one just how much they mean to you with this endearing gift.

Nostalgia LSM400 Indoor Electric S’mores Maker

Do you love camping? If so, you’ve probably enjoyed roasting your fair share of s’mores around the campfire! With the Nostalgia Indoor Electric S’more Maker, you can roast s’mores and marshmallows in the warmth of your own home. This flameless heater comes equipped with four spinning lazy susan compartment trays to hold all of the ingredients you need, as well as four stainless steel roasting forks to use with friends. Now you can enjoy fun-filled s’mores parties from the warmth of your own home all year round!

Baublebar Personalized Hair Clip

If you’re looking to woo a special young lady, then this personalized hair clip will do the trick! Not only is this handmade hair clip both durable and stylish, but it is also fully customizable. With a choice between sparkling crystals and pearls, this hair clip will be designed to exhibit any name or word you request. So, if you happen to know your loved one’s favorite word, you can send them a gift that they will know is from you – no card needed!

POWLAKEN 4-In-1 Wireless Charger

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for a tech junkie, then look no further! This POWLAKEN Wireless Charger can charge four Apple devices at once, including a smartphone, an Apple Watch, Air Pods, and an Apple Pencil. If your loved one happens to not be an iPhone user, don’t worry – this charger is also compatible with an array of Samsung smartphones. As one of the most advances chargers on the market, the POWLAKEN 4-In-1 will fully charge all of your devices within 3 hours!

More Where That Came From!!

Whether you’re shopping for sentimental family members, tech enthusiasts, or jewelry fanatics, rest assured – you’re bound to find the perfect gift idea in this list or by just looking a bit further, since there are plenty of whacky and exquisite gift ideas for any budget and every kind of human on the planet. Happy Holidays 💘