The Best Wireless Earbuds in 2021

Whether you enjoy music or talk a lot on your cell phone, the sound system that you’re using can make or break your experience. This is why you need to get your hand on some high quality wireless earbuds! Here are the best wireless earphones to enhance your audio experience.

Apple Airpods Pro

Arguably the best true wireless earbuds on the market, the Airpods Pro are revered for their sleek design and comfy fit. Not only do they have respectable noise cancelling abilities and stellar bass performance, but these Airpods also offer spatial audio; a virtual sound mode that provides optimal levels of realism when watching movies and TV shows. Considering that they can also be used for phone and video calls, the Apple Airpods Pro are solid all-rounders that are well worth their price tag.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

If you’re in search of the best noise cancelling earbuds around, look no further — these Bose earbuds are as good as it gets! In addition to providing premium sound quality, the Quiet Comfort earbuds offer three customizable noise-canceling settings so that you can enjoy uninterrupted audio entertainment and phone calls. What’s particularly appealing about these earbuds is their six-hour battery life; an exceptionally strong performance for noise-cancelling earphones.

Jabra Elite Active 75t 

Are you looking to blast music while working out or doing other forms of physical activity? If so, then durability should be your priority. The Jabra Elite Active 75t earphones are not only waterproof — they’re also dust-resistant and come with a super secure fit! These earphones come with three sizes of silicon cups so that you can customize them for your specific ear. What’s more, they even offer partial noise cancellation so that you can blast your gym playlist without interruption. Such features truly make these the best waterproof wireless earbuds on the market!

JLab JBuds Air

Who says that premium earphones need to cost premium prices? With the JLab JBuds Air, you can enjoy deep bass, reliable wireless connectivity, and a comfortable fit for an affordable price. With three EQ settings (Balanced, Bass Boost, and Signature), these earbuds can be customized according to your audio preferences. This, together with their respectable four-hour battery life, makes these some of the best wireless earbuds under $100 that you can buy!

JBL Reflect Flow

Is music an integral part of your jogging routine? Perhaps you need some musical motivation when setting new personal records in the weights room? Either way, you’ll be in the market for a stellar set of sports earbuds. The JBL Reflect Flow earbuds provide hard-hitting bass, while their  hour battery life will ensure that you never run out of tunes when trying to better your wellbeing. Do you have an incoming phone call in the middle of your workout? No problem! The Reflect Flows come with an ambient mode —  simply tap the left earbud and the music volume will decrease. Clearly, these are the best wireless earbuds for working out!

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re in search of noise-canceling earphones for video calls or are looking to enhance your movie streaming experience, this guide is bound to provide you with the earbuds of your dreams! Now, you have the resources to maximize your audio experience!