3 Quick Tips for Getting Used to Hearing Aids

When you first start hearing better with hearing aids, there’s a little of an adjustment period. The first few days with your new devices are essential to your success and satisfaction, because they can influence whether you continue to use your devices. At first, many sounds will seem louder than they were before you got your hearing aids, and you will pay much more attention to your surroundings than usual. You will also discover sounds that you may not have heard for a long time.

This is perfectly normal and is not because your volume has been set too loud. It is because your brain has automatically adjusted to lower volume and now needs to adjust to a louder input level. After a while, your brain will adjust to this new level of sound and information. These tips and tricks will help your adjustment go as smoothly as possible so that you’ll be more likely to keep enjoying your new hearing aids for years to come. That way, you can keep living life to its fullest through better hearing.

1. Don’t get discouraged if they feel funny at first. Wear them only a few hours a day the first week or so. Start in a quiet room, where outside noise is minimal… get acquainted with the feel of it before you get used to the improved sounds.

2. Don’t fidget- don’t play with the volume or adjust the aid a lot during the day. Not only will it prevent your ear from getting used to the feeling, but it can also cause damage to the device.

3. Practice talking to people in groups- after a few days you will find that it’s time to practice with the device in public. Talking in groups is highly challenged for the first time hearing aid users, since the background noise while speaking become confusing, all of a sudden it’s not just you and your inner thoughts, it’s a lot to get used to (again). There are more tips to start with, read more!