Boost Your Fitness While Working From Home With These WholesomeTips!

Exercise Without Even Leaving Your Desk!

Are you short on time? If so, there are plenty of beneficial workouts that you can perform from the comfort of your office chair!

  • Neck Rolls- this is a great start to any stretching routine! point your chin downwards towards your neck, before circling it slowly in one direction. Continue to change directions for each rep.
  • Seated Forward Bend- this challenging yoga pose requires you to put your hands behind your back, intertwine your fingers, and extend your arms until they are straight behind you. Proceed to bend forward while pushing your hands up to the air.
  • Seated Eagle- this exercise is aimed at loosen your, arms, hands, and wrists. Bring your hands up towards your face while putting your left hand over your right. Make sure to lift your elbows while keeping your shoulders down. After holding this pose for a few seconds, switch hands and repeat. 
  • Seated Squat Lunge- this is sure to provide a killer leg workout! Firstly, pull your chair away from your desk so that you’ll have place to step forward. Now, while sitting down, make sure your legs are shoulder width apart. Stand straight up (this is the squat), proceed to step forward with your left leg and bend down into a lunge position. Once your thigh is parallel to the ground, bring your leg back up snd sit back down. Repeat this motion with the opposite leg.
  • Chair Dips- now, it’s time for an upper body workout! Remain seated while placing your feet hip distanc apart. Now, place your hands at your sides and grab hold of the front of the chair. Move your body forward and extend your legs until they are almost straight while keeping your hands in place. Now, lower your body until your arms are bent at a 90 degree angle before rising back up. This workout will develop your triceps, chest, and shoulders!

Stay In Shape While Enjoyin
g Your Lunch Break

Who ever said that exercise had to be tedious? There are plenty of enjoyable ways to work out while taking a well-deserved break!

  • Time To Salsa- dancing is not only an enjoyable pastime, but a high-intensity workout as well! Put on some of your favorite jams and let loose on the living room floor. Get your family to join in as well for some valuable bonding time.
  • Take An Online Yoga Class- while this workout will develop your balance, flexibility, and muscle strength, participating in a group class will provide you with much-needed human interaction at the same time.
  • Meditate- while it may not be considered a standard form of exercise, meditation has some serious health benefits. Not only does it boost your mood, but it also helps you to prepare yourself mentally to tackle your challenges. There are plenty meditating apps that you can use to achieve your calm center!
  • Vacuum Your Floor- while it may not be fun, you can actually get in quite the workout while completing a chore at the same time! According to health professionals, you can actually burn up to 100 calories by vacuuming your floor for 30 minutes.

Traditional Exercise Routin
es Are Not The Only Way To Stay Fit

There are plenty of healthy habits that you can adopt in order to improve your fitness levels without engaging in a typical workout session!

  • Bike Desk- this desk replaces an ordinary chair with a comfortable bicycle seat and pedals. By getting yourself a bike desk, you’ll have the opportunity to complete all of your work while remaining physically active at the same time.
  • Walk Around While Taking Calls- working from home often involves plenty of phone calls with customers and teammates alike. Consider getting up and walking around during phone calls as a means of getting your blood circulating.
  • Eat Superfoods- by following a wholesome diet, you can boost your wellbeing while becoming more productive at work. Stick to eating nutritious food such as salmon, eggs, avocado, blueberries, dark chocolate, and nuts.

Wrapping Up

As y

ou can see, there are plenty of simple and enjoyable ways to stay fit without compromising your career. Consider following some of the above tips for a fulfilling fitness transformation!