Home Lighting: Types and Examples

The lighting in your home can affect everything from your emotions, energy level & mood to the atmosphere & appearance of each room. It is every bit as important as the flooring you choose, or the paint, or tile, or furniture. When done right, lighting can completely transform your home and electricity bill.
Choosing a lighting scheme for your home can get super complicated when confronted with questions like CFL or LED light bulbs, regular or smart control, motion sensors, natural or artificial lighting ECT.

So, to help you do the lighting right in your home, here is a quick primer on the three basic types of home lighting: Ambient Lighting (most common), Task Lighting (illumination under furniture), and Accent Lighting (concentrated light on a focal point). Designing your home lighting should be about creating a space that complements your lifestyle and reflects your personal tastes as well as the needs of the room. Which lighting type will be the right choice for your home? Maybe a mixture… See more.