How Technology Is Evolving Home Security

With millions of burglaries taking place across the United States every year, you never know when your home could be targeted. As such, it’s crucial to have an effective home security system in place.

Now that we are living in an age of hi-tech, let’s take a look at some of the latest technological advancements that are elevating our home security to the next level!

Remote Coverage

Motion detectors have always been a core component of home security systems. While audio and passive infrared (PIR) sensors are effective, video cameras provide you with a greater deal of coverage, even allowing you to get a look at your intruders’ appearances. One of the greatest benefits that come with recent developments is that they allow you to access your security streams remotely from your smartphone. Here are some of the latest innovations in this domain:

  • WiFi Home Monitoring Robot- this tiny security guard roams around your home when you are away, using your WiFi network to transmit live HD video coverage of every inch of your home directly to your smartphone.
  • FLIR FX Outdoor Wireless HD Security Camera- what’s special about this camera is that it is able to connect to the cloud, thereby enabling you to monitor the camera from your mobile devices. What’s more, it intelligently condenses the video so that you don’t have to watch hours of playback
  • Netatmo Welcome Security Camera- installed at the entrance of your home, this camera recognizes the faces of your family members, notifying you each time one of them arrives home. This camera also alerts you if an unidentified person gains access to your house.
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro- this doorbell uses your WiFi to provide you with a view of your doorbell from your smartphone. It’s wide-angle lens will provide you a video feed of anyone who arrives at your doorstep.

Smart Home Integration

While smart home systems are great sources of entertainment and convenience, they are capable of serving an even more vital function – security. Some of the latest home security innovations are those that can be integrated with or work alongside your smart home. Let’s take a look at some of these breakout products:

  • Cocoon – Smart Home Security- This device hooks up to your smart home to learn about your habits around the house. If any irregular activity is sensed, it will send a video feed of the problem area directly to your smartphone. 
  • Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock- this hi-tech door lock automatically locks from the outside as soon as you close it, sounding an alarm if it is unlocked from the inside when you are not at home. It also has a fire sensor, automatically unlocking in a fire so that you can quickly evacuate.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the latest technological developments allow you to remain in command of your home security, no matter your location. With smartphone connectivity and smart home integration, your home security can reach an unprecedented level of sophistication.