Home Storage: Dos and Don’ts

“I have more than enough storage” said no person ever, which is one reason there’s such a large selection of in-home storage solutions. In fact, the selection is large enough to be overwhelming. To help you sort it all out, and find the right solution for you, this article looks at some important dos and don’ts of in-house storage.

First, Make Marie Kondo Proud! Begin by purging. Take the KonMari approach and ask yourself if the item sparks joy. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or spark joy or a sentimental emotion, it’s time to let it go.

Now for the Dos:

Do use square containers. Square containers stack and nest better and are more space efficient than round or odd-shaped containers.

Do take advantage of less visible spaces. Look for under-the-desk cabinets, use a desk caddy, take advantage of under-the bed storage etc.

Do consider built-in shelves. Built-in shelving along an entire wall can be both functional and beautiful. Don’t be afraid to explore this option. It’s often more attractive than a smaller, but crowded shelf.

Lastly, the Don’ts:

Don’t underestimate how much storage space you’ll need. Be realistic, so you can find the right storage solution and not one that you’ll have to go back and redo because you underestimated your space requirements.

Don’t buy storage sets. Unless you’re planning on buying multiples of the same set of containers, you’ll end up with one container in each size, which is rarely space-efficient. It’s best to buy containers separately and for your specific needs.

Don’t be careless about storing household chemicals and gasoline. Never store dangerous chemicals near combustible items and always store them in a dedicated storage cabinet that can be locked.

Don’t forget about under shelf hooks. Hanging mugs or pots and pans under kitchen shelves or hanging shoes in your closet with some carefully placed hooks is an excellent space saver and organizer.