Tips for Buying the Perfect Hoodie

Hoodies have been around since 1919, when the US company, Champion, made the first hooded sweatshirt to keep athletes dry and warm in cold weather. Nowadays, Hoodies are a basic item in casual, sporty and urban fashion styles. Some might go a bit further and call it a political fashion statement since it’s almost impossible to mention hoodies without thinking of African-American culture as well.

Since Hoodies are such a large and casual item to wear, most fashionistas are hesitant to incorporate it in their day to day, for fear it will take over the whole look. You’d be surprised though how good it looks over a skirt, under a blazer, while wearing heels or even paired with an expensive designer handbag!! They’re comfortable, durable, and come in a huge variety. The next time you’re shopping for hoodies, keep these important tips in mind:

Getting the size right. Seems redundant right?… well you’d be surprised ladies, cuz you should look for hoodies that are one size bigger than your regular shirt size, but not so large that they bulge in their midsection. The Hoodie should be snug enough to hold their shape, but still be comfortable to wear. Men’s hoodies, on the other hand, should be fitted with snug shoulders, but they shouldn’t be too tight. The sleeves should have enough room to slip your arms comfortably inside even if you’re wearing a long-sleeve shirt.

Don’t skimp on quality. Hoodies are mostly about comfort, so a quality hoodie should be soft and smooth and should retain their shape even if they’re stretched out. Their seams should be even and flat, otherwise they’ll irritate the skin when you wear it. Buying a hoodie from a known brand is the best way to ensure that you’re getting a quality-made hoodie.