2020’s Best Hot Tubs

Who doesn’t want a Hot tub in their own backyard? Jacuzzi hot tubs are one of the most famous brands of hot tubs, so famous in fact, that the names ‘Jacuzzi’ and ‘hot tub’ are often used synonymously.

However, Jacuzzi is just one brand of many hot tubs, which is precisely why it can be challenging to know what to buy. To help you decide, below is a list of fundamental questions you need to answer before buying a hot tub.


Hot tubs come with lots of add-on options, all of which can increase your initial expenditure considerably. It’s a question of how luxurious you want to go. However, the cost isn’t just about luxuries. There are also delivery, installation, operational, and maintenance costs. 


Tub size is another important question and the answer isn’t as black and white as you might think. For example, a small tub’s lower operation costs might be appealing to couples who will be the only ones using the tub, However, if they’re planning to grow the family, a small tub might be the wrong choice for the future. 


Will your tub be located in a busy backyard? In a home where it will seldom be used? In an area with plenty of sunshine? Or plenty of shade? All of these factors should influence your purchase decision. And climate should too. If it’ll be in an area with a harsh climate, you’ll need a tub that can withstand harsh elements. And then of course, you’ll need to ensure you have enough space for your hot tub, including space for equipment and its cover. 


Do you want an above-ground or in-ground hot tub? Again, the answer isn’t black and white since both have their advantages and disadvantages.  For example, above-ground tubs are usually less costly, easier to install, portable, and lower maintenance. In-ground hot tubs, on the other hand, have endless size and shape options, are aesthetically pleasing, and have more customizable options.


Efficiency both decreases your energy bills and prolongs the life of your tub. Some of the factors that influence efficiency in a hot tub are size, location, pump and heater voltage, structural soundness, climate, and frequency of use.

The particulars

Then of course, you need to consider the particulars of the hot tub itself. How many seats do you need? How many jets and pumps? What filtration and purification system do you prefer? Your answers here depend on your personal preferences.


Do you want the extra bells and whistles? Perhaps you’ll want shells and cabinetry that match your patio furniture, an audio system with waterproof speakers, special lighting, waterfalls, etc. 


Finally, before you buy, always read the warranty to confirm that it covers labor and all necessary parts and familiarize yourself with any restrictions, exclusions or limitations on the warranty that might allow the dealer to deny coverage.