Jaw-Dropping SUVs That Are Leaving Critics Stunned

With so many SUVs available on the market today, it is hard to know what incredible vehicle to choose from. SUVs are only becoming safer, more sophisticated, and more luxurious. Today, there’s an SUV for every need from those craving incredible 4×4 power to those looking for a larger family car with extra room.

Despite the large market for SUVs, some vehicles are standing out from the crowd and making a serious impact on critics and consumers alike. Let’s focus in on the ones that are leaving critics stunned and racing out for a test drive.

The Beauties

Some stand-out SUVs on the market today are simply stunning. With opulent and luxurious interiors and sleek exteriors, they are turning heads every time they drive past. Stylish finishes like real leather seating, spacious rear-seat legroom, and attention to detail so refined not even the grill goes undesigned. These beauties are also available with touch screens, ApplePlay, audio systems, USB ports galore, and more. 

If you’re searching for an elegant SUV that will genuinely make an impression and allow you to take pride in the majestic appearance of your car, then you may want to check out these options:

  • Audi Q7 Prestige: Chic exterior and comes complete with a panoramic sunroof, Bose sound system, and state-of-the-art infotainment system
  • BMW X5: BMWs have often set the benchmark for stylish cars. The X5 comes with its elegant Live Cockpit Professional, panoramic moonroof, and richly crafted leather seating.
  • Volvo XC40: Forever a critic favorite, this SUV boasts an uncluttered, minimalist cabin, angled grill, broad shoulder lines, large alloy wheels.

The Adventurers

An athletic body that can handle just about any terrain is what SUV critics are looking for when determining the best 4×4 SUVs on the market. Lovers of 4×4 vehicles look for something substantial that can endure any slippery or steep surface it meets. A unique blend of impeccable design and sheer power make sport SUVs attractive even to those that do not make much everyday use of their 4×4 abilities. This year, some exceptional sport SUVs have caused critics to take note. 

For the more beautiful in the bunch, the Range Rover Sport SVR is the fastest Land Rover vehicle ever made. For speed enthusiasts, the Range Rover Sport has a V8 gas 575 HP engine that delivers a robust 516 lb-ft of torque– taking it from 0-60 mph in a mere 4.3 seconds. Land Rover’s powerhouse capabilities combined with a sleek design, have critics going crazy. Other 4x4s that critics are loving include the Jeep Renegade and the Toyota Land Cruiser.

The Royals

There are beautiful SUVs, and there are action-packed sport SUVs, but some people are merely looking for the best of the best. Luxurious SUVs have stepped up their game in recent years- providing more elegant cabin experiences that are fit for Kate Middleton herself. Luckily, these gorgeous SUVs do not have to come with the price tag that only the royalty can afford. Two models, in particular, have critics in love and stunned.

When designing the Infiniti QX60, Infiniti had one goal in mind: create a personal connection with the driver. Every inch of this stunning car is geared toward making the driver and passengers feel comfortable, safe, and spoiled. What’s more royal than that? 

The Volvo XC90 is one of the most luxurious models on the market today. With finely crafted leather seats and detailing, and wood grain throughout, this is not your standard interior. The objective here is to create a cabin experience that pampers its passengers every single ride.

The Motherload

SUVs typically seat five passengers, but to accommodate families and SUVs have begun to feature a third-row seating option. This development ensures the SUV a center spot in the world of family-friendly cars, pushing out the sedan and the forever bemoaned van. Now, families do not have to choose between passenger seating and style. A few SUVs with three rows for seating are making major splashes among critics. 

  • Chevrolet Tahoe: This SUV has been one of America’s favorite for 30-years running. It’s no wonder- its spaciousness and advanced safety and entertainment technology make this a beautiful car for families.
  • Acura MDX: Thanks to a choice of bench or captain’s chairs, and an independent climate zone and available heated seats, there will be no fighting for space or comfort in this family-friendly car. One-touch smart-slide access means seats are moved and adjusted with ultimate ease.

The Winners

Some of the best critics out there are actual drivers of the cars. These are families or individuals actually using SUVs every day to travel to work, to school, or even go on adventures like camping. Whatever their need is, consumers are vocal about their love. This last group of top-rated SUVs comes from not professional car critics, but from actual everyday users. 

According to the Kelly Blue Book, the top consumer-rated SUVs are, in order: 

  1. Volvo XC40
  2. Lincoln Aviator
  3. Land Rover Discovery 
  4. Cadillac XT6
  5. Ford Explorer

Other SUVs that made the list include the Lexus UX, Porche Cayenne, Cadilac XT4, Jaguar I-PACE, and the Hyundai Palaside. These outstanding SUVs drive well, are reliable, and provide fantastic comfort to its passengers. If you are shopping for an SUV, it would be a good idea to keep in mind consumer-rated SUVs so that you can get the full picture and make the best decision possible.

Critics are vocal when an incredible product comes on the market, and SUVs are no exception. As safety, technology, and entertainment features continue to develop rapidly, more high-quality SUVs are appearing on the market. The market is extensive and expansive, from 4x4s to luxurious interiors to 3-row SUVs, so it is best to narrow your search to specific categories. Consider not only professional car critics descriptions of SUVs but also your peers and consumer reports. A combination of the two will arm you with the knowledge to find a beautiful, comfortable, and all-star performing vehicle.