What Are The Best Luxury SUVs Out There?

This year was host to a great many new SUV models with new features and gadgets ranging from 4×4 versatility to eco-friendly hybrids.
Subcompact SUVs are beloved by many city dwellers as they offer a more substantial vehicle size but still can weave in and out of city streets with ease. These SUVs are also easier to park in tight city parking, which for anyone who knows, is not always an easy feat.

Crossover SUVs are sometimes referred to as CUVs, and are a type of SUV (sports utility vehicle) that features a unibody build. Crossovers are usually based on a platform similar to that of a passenger car, so they tend to offer increased comfort and better fuel mileage than a traditional SUV.
A hybrid SUV is an excellent option for those concerned with energy efficiency and looking to make an informed decision about their next car purchase. New hybrid models hit the market offering a green alternative to other SUVs without sacrificing style and comfort. Hyrbids can also provide amazing fuel efficiency, saving you money on gas for years to come. If your vision of a hybrid is more granola than lux, think again.
Crossovers, Midsize SUV’s, Compact SUV’s…Hurry and get yours before they are gone!