Top Men’s Luxury Watch Brands That You Should Know

Luxury watches serve a far more serious purpose then telling the time, they are the ultimate male fashion statement. After all, those timepieces belonging to brands with rich histories carry with them a high fiscal value.

By picking the right watch brand, you will not only receive a functional timepiece but a worthwhile investment that will be revered as a piece of art. Let’s take a look at the luxury watch brands that you should know about when hunting for your next timepiece.


Often referred to simply as “the” luxury watch brand, Rolex is arguably the most famous watch brand across the globe. Founded in 1905, Rolex was the creation of Swiss watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf, who envisioned a luxury watch brand with a name that anyone would remember. Since then, Wilsdorf’s vision has been realized, with Rolex becoming the largest watch manufacturer in the world, producing 2,000 handmade watches per day. The most expensive watch in the world is a Rolex, namely Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona was sold for a whopping $ 17,752,500 at an auction.


Founded in 1980 by Italian watchmaker Carlo Crocco, Hublot is a relatively young men’s luxury watch brand. Despite its youth, this brand skyrocketed to the top of the watchmaking industry with its Big Bang Red Gold model. Since then, it has become particularly popular with sports professionals such as Usain Bolt and other celebrities such as Jay-Z. Today, Hublot is the official timekeeper of Ferrari and the official watch of soccer clubs such as Juventus, Chelsea, and Benfica.

Baume & Mercier

This luxury brand’s extensive history began in 1830 when brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume opened a watch dealership in the small Swiss village of Les Bois. Since then, Baume & Mercier has developed an international reputation, blowing the minds of watch collectors with innovative designs such as the Galaxie and the Stardust, both of which have won prestigious international awards including the Golden Rose of Baden-Baden.

TAG Heuer

This Swiss brand was the brainchild of Edouard Heuer. Since its formation in 1860, TAG Heuer has become renowned for crafting functional yet innovative designs that resulted in Formula 1 entering into a partnership with this brand to release a line of motor-racing inspired timepieces. 


This luxury watch brand traces its roots back to Florence, Italy in 1860. Intriguingly, this brand became the official watch supplier for the Royal Italian Navy from 1938 until 1972. Panerai is celebrated for manufacturing watches with a unique heritage, such as the Officine Panerai which marked the 400th anniversary of Galileo Galilei’s first celestial observations. In 2011, Panerai opened its thirtieth boutique worldwide in Bal Harbor, Florida.

In Conclusion

When selecting your next timepiece, keep in mind that a watch is more than just a device that tells time – it is also a piece of art. Take into account the above brands when searching for the luxury watch of your dreams!