Trendy Fall 2020 Makeup Trends

Clearly, 2020 is unpredictable. Fortunately, there are some areas where we enjoy a little change and unpredictability, and one of those areas is makeup.

This year’s fall makeup trends didn’t disappoint either; there are ample unexpected and exciting styles to inspire your fall makeup look. Here are the most popular ones to look forward to:

First the Eyes

Colorful Eyeliner – Expect to see eyeliners in pastels, electric blues and yellows, neon greens, bright pinks and other bold colors. 

Overliner – This year eyeliner will also be used to go beyond the shape of your eye to create silhouettes and geometric shapes around the eye. 

Extra Eyeliner – Kohl-rimmed eyes are back, so expect smoky, charcoal-rimmed eyes to be another dominant look this fall.

Colored Mascara – Colored mascara is another big fall trend and adds a bit of fun or adventure to your look.

Smokey Blue, Orange, Bright Pink Eyeshadow – Eyeshadows are also going colorful. We’ll be seeing bright pinks, lime greens, blends of corals and golds, and smokey and midnight shades.

Over-under eyeshadow – Purple works best with this trend. Wear the under eyeshadow just under your lower lashes.

Skin/Face Makeup Trends

High-Shine Cheekbones – High shine or glowing cheeks is trendy now too. This look gives your complexion a healthy, dewy look that is just right for fall.

Crystal Embellishments – For a touch of drama, give crystal or sparkly embellishments a try. We’ll be seeing them on eyelids, brows, hair and around the eyes. 

Orange, Pink Blush – A fall color like orange can give your look more depth, while bright pink blush provides a healthy, fresh glow.

Gold Accents – If warmer colors are more your style, you’ll love the gold glitter and gold highlights trend. Applied on the cheekbones, it’s a beautiful way to brighten your complexion.

And your lips

Bright Red Lips – Red is the color for lips this fall whether you prefer bright red lipstick or lipstick with more subtle red hues and hints of brown.

Gothic Beauty – If you’re looking for a little Goth glamour, then you’ll enjoy the Bordeaux and burgundy lipsticks that are also big this fall. 

Nude Lips – Nude lipsticks are trending too and they’re perfect for those who prefer a natural look. 

Glossy Lips – If you prefer a little shine, the glossy lips trend is a great option. Match it with some glossy eyeshadow and you’re good to go.

Looking fresh for fall

Fall is the season for change; changes in temperature, changes in our surroundings, changes in color. It’s also the time to experiment with new makeup. The trends listed above are where to start for inspiration.