Groundbreaking Mirror Workout Technology

Due to covid lockdowns, home workouts have become an explosive fitness trend. Of course, being restricted to your home can become quite tedious. Fortunately, the fitness mirror is here to save the day! Let’s get the lowdown on this exciting new workout technology.

Much like a regular mirror, a fitness mirror can provide you with the visual aide you need in order to maintain the perfect posture and form, but with a twist — it’s a tech hub packed with everything you need to perform a gut-busting workout! While most of these mirror home gyms have overlapping features, there are those that have unique traits that put them ahead of the pack. Some of the features that are common across the board include online workout programs that can be accessed via the mirror’s menu as well as a variety of live fitness classes, meaning that you receive all the benefits of an in-person class from the comfort of your own home! If you’re looking for a more specialized workout, then are some leading mirror exercise equipment providers who cater to more specific needs. Tempo Studio is a weightlifter’s paradise, complete with a workout bench, barbell, dumbbells, and an array of weights. If you relish the challenge of resistance training, then Tonal is the mirror workout machine for you, equipped with a barbell and resistance bands that automatically increase the weight of the resistance as you progress. Of course, if you already own equipment, then you could opt for The Mirror, a bare-bones fitness mirror that comes with all the fitness programs you could hope for but at a more reasonable price than most competitors. Mirror workout prices vary from $1,495 for more basic models such as The Mirror to $2,495 for high-end options such as Tempo.

Thanks to the groundbreaking technology of the fitness mirror, you no longer have to miss out on your favorite gym workouts due to covid lockdowns. Check out some of the above mirrors and get fit today!