Different Mirror Styles for the Home

Mirrors are both attractive and functional additions to a room. They can help make your home look larger by creating an illusion of space, enhance the lighting of a room, hide imperfections & wall blemishes or just add a finishing touch to a room’s decor. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most common types of mirrors and how you can best use them in your home.

The three most common mirror types you’ll find are plane, convex, and concave mirrors:

  1. Plane – Plane mirrors are the most standard type of mirror. They’re usually flat, but can come in a large variety of different shapes and sizes. Plane mirrors are used when you want to see an image that is most identical to the one it is reflecting.
  2. Concave– Concave mirrors curve inward like a spoon and enlarge the image they reflect. They are often used in bathrooms and bedrooms. 
  3. Convex – Convex mirrors curve outward and distort the image it reflects. Many carnival house-of-mirrors attractions use them because of the funny reflections you see when you look at them.

Different mirror types and uses

  • Dressing – Dressing mirrors are long and narrow and usually full-length so you can get a full-length reflection when you stand in front of them. Today, most dressing mirrors are mounted on a wall and they’re most often placed in the bedroom.
  • Bathroom – Bathroom mirrors are needed for brushing our teeth and washing our face. Sometimes they’re placed directly on a wall above a sink or on a cabinet door above a sink. Swivel mirrors are another good option for bathrooms (or rooms without a lot of space). 
  • Entryway – Entryway mirrors are usually used to add a unique touch or decor to an entryway or hallway. They’re also great if you like to give yourself a last look before leaving your home. 
  • Statement – Another decorative mirror, a statement mirror can look beautiful as a finishing touch for fireplaces, dining rooms, and entryways. They come in a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes.
  • Wall – Because they are generally large in size, wall mirrors can have a dramatic impact on a room’s look and feel as well as make it look more spacious and elegant. Wall mirrors can be framed or unframed, hung or mounted.
  • Framed – Mirrors with attractive, decorative frames can change a room’s entire appearance. They look charming in bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and just about any room. You can choose ornate, vintage, wood, antique or more modern style frames. 
  • Tabletops – Mirrored tabletops can look beautiful and are a lovely way to highlight and accentuate a coffee table or end table. You can get them in a variety of shapes including round, oval and rectangle, as well as different thicknesses, colors, edges and corners.

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