Get The Best Smartphone Deal In 2021!

When it comes to shopping for a new smartphone, the options seem to be endless. Do you focus on price, specifications, or perhaps new features? Here is your guide to getting the best smartphone deals in 2021!

If you’re a Sprint subscriber who is browsing luxury smartphones, then you’re in for a treat! Instead of its usual $500 price tag, The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is available to Sprint subscribers for the unbeatable price of $250. This 6.7” smartphone comes with an AMOLED+ display, while its 64MP rear camera enables you to capture the most high-resolution photos on a smartphone to date. If you’re a subscriber of AT&T, on the other hand, then you can enjoy up to $200 off of one of the best rated smartphones around. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is revered for its innovative design: it is one of the first ever foldable touch screen smartphones. At the moment, AT&T subscribers can get their hands on the Galaxy Z Fold2 for just $53.33 per month. Now, it’s time for a special deal for Verizon subscribers. New or existing Verizon subscribers who sign up for the unlimited plan can get their hands on the 2020 iPhone SE for free! That’s right, you read that correctly. While an unlimited plan will cost you between $35 and $55 per month, you will receive the iPhone SE free of charge with your subscription.