No Wonder So Many People Are Going Into Nursing

Are you interested in a career that will make a positive impact on the world around you? What about one that provides an excellent, steady salary and job flexibility? If that sounds good, you might consider the world of nursing.

For people searching for meaningful work, and for those who want to interact with the people they help on an intimate level, the world of nursing is a wonderful option. Here are some significant benefits of getting your nursing degree.

Nursing is Seriously In-Demand

Nurses are the back of the healthcare system and serve crucial functions to ensure patients remain safe, healthy, and comfortable. Currently, the U.S. is experiencing a shortage of nurses, and with one million baby-boomers set to retire shortly, the demand for nurses has never been so high.

So many hospitals and medical facilities need nurses that they offer very attractive and competitive packages to attract more nurses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for nurses is expected to go more than 12% between now and 2028. That kind of job growth is not often seen in the majority of professions.

Pursuing a nursing degree now will ensure you have steady work or years to come. Not only that, but nurses also hold more power in the hiring process, so you will likely be able to negotiate some great benefits for yourself.

Enjoy Degree Flexibility

More and more professionals are pursuing degrees online today, and the field of nursing is no exception. Studying to get your nursing degree has never been more easy or flexible. A few great options include:

  • 4-year college nursing degree: Many students who want to pursue nursing chose the traditional path of college. Many four-year programs offer wonderful paths for nursing students. This is an excellent option for someone looking for a classic four-year college experience.
  • Online nursing degree: Even nursing degrees can be pursued online today. There is a lot to learn and study before you begin any of the practical work. Starting online allows many students flexibility, and you can more easily work or care for kids while you pursue your degree.
  • Online and in-person degree: It is possible to combine the two paths, and do part of your degree online, and the other part in-person at a school. This offers the best of both worlds. You can get your base online and enjoy studying from home, and then move to a school setting where you get hands-on instruction and interaction with peers.

Explore different programs and pick what works best for your specific needs, and you’ll be an RN in no time!

Consistent and High-Paying Salary

Thanks to the fact nursing jobs are so in demand; nurses are sure to enjoy consistent and high paying salaries. The median salary for registered nurses in the United States is $70,000. Nurses who choose a path that requires specialization can make up to six figures, around $107,000. For those in more generalized roles, night shifts and weekend shifts offer a padded hourly wage, approximately $40 per hour, that can be an added boost to your salary.

Varying Job Areas

One of the great pros of being a nurse is that you are likely to have a job in any city throughout the country. This offers terrific flexibility for you and your family. It is not possible to know what life has in store, so knowing you have consistent work wherever you live, is a significant bonus many people crave.

Amazing Job Diversity

Being a nurse does not mean you will be confined to a hospital or a doctor’s office. Nurses fill many valuable positions in different kinds of doctor offices and medical facilities. Some pursue a path to teach in colleges, degree programs, hospitals, and universities. Other nurses stick to more traditional hospitals, clinics or specialized offices.

Nursing homes and home-health are also two areas that have a high demand for work. If your passion is working in a more intimate setting with people, or perhaps one less chaotic than a hospital, then these venues might be a great match. With home health, you get to become part of your patients’ lives and become an essential function of their environment.

Career Satisfaction

Many nurses pursue their nursing degree because they are seeking out a career that offers a high level of satisfaction. Thanks to its hands-on nature, nurses make notable and vital improvements in the lives of every patient they meet.

It is not always easy to find a career in which you can see what a positive impact you have had on the world with every action you do. So many people come to seek health care when they are sick, which often means there is a lot of fear and anxiety for the patient as well. Nurses serve a vital function in calming these patients and ensuring they get proper care and help.

If you require a career that will make a positive impact on the people around you, then nursing is the path for you. Your contribution to ensuring a healthy society will be respected and appreciated by nearly everyone you come across.

Opportunity for Lifelong Learning

If you love to learn, getting your nursing degree may be the perfect fit. Nurses need an educational base and training to get started, but that does not mean the learning stops there. With every unique patient you meet or every new procedure you try, you are learning and incorporating new tools to use later in your profession.

As various medical professions, fields, and research advance, you will be expected to keep up on the latest information. To do so, you will want to attend conferences, online courses, webinars, read journals, and pursue whatever you can to ensure your knowledge stays fresh and up to date.

Should I Get My Nursing Degree?

A nursing degree is not right for everyone- after all, it requires many hours of working on your feet and often a high volume of patients to care for. That said, there are some incredible benefits that nurses enjoy that other professions simply cannot offer.

If you are looking for a job that will provide exceptional security for years to come, high salary, diversity, and allow you to work in nearly every city in the country, then you should consider pursuing your nursing degree. Read about courses and degrees to find precisely which program is right for you. Best of luck!