Best Online College Classes in 2021

Whether you’re striving for a career change or just looking to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, online college classes are bound to help you reinvent yourself! Here are the best online college classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home.  

If a new career is on the agenda, then you might want to consider studying a degree online. The University of Florida offers an array of undergraduate degrees entirely online, ranging from education to criminology, psychology, and geology. What’s more, this university offers some of the best online college business classes, including a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Another highly-accredited university that offers top online college classes is the University of Illinois-Chicago. This institution offers one of the widest ranges of online classes out there, including topics such as education, medicine, engineering, social work, and urban planning. Of course, if you’re looking to simply expand your knowledge for a minimal cost, there are several websites that offer an assortment of free college courses provided by world-renowned universities. EdX is one such website, which offers massive open online courses from top universities such as MIT, Caltech, and Harvard University. Another innovative online learning platform is Coursera, which offers courses from the likes of Duke University and Columbia University along with programs offered by major companies such as Amazon, Google, and Intel. Upon completing a course with Coursera, you will also be able to receive a certificate for a small fee. If you’re interested in pursuing a free course from a world-renown university, then be sure to check out Harvard Online; a mostly-free learning portal developed by Harvard University. Through Stanford Online, Stanford University offers an array of degree programs and even some free courses.

With so many online college classes available in 2021, satisfying your desire for knowledge is easier and more affordable than ever! Be sure to check out some of the above options and begin your educational adventure today!