9 Surprising Benefits of Wearing Perfume

The benefits of perfume have been documented by science for thousands of years. Research has studied how humans store information about scents, showing that from the time we’re infants we start storing information through our sense of smell and have reactions to those scents at a very young age.

This human trait has a large benefit to our well being when we encounter a scent from our childhood, and can be used to soothe and also as a therapeutic tool. There are other benefits to wearing perfume, 

Perfume’s Many Benefits

Relieves stress
Some perfume oils such as eucalyptus and citronella contain aldehydes, which have a calming effect on the brain and body and can relieve anxieties and even lower blood pressure. Winter spice, flower, and citrus perfumes can also help lower stress levels.

Helps you sleep better
Many perfumes use essential oils that treat insomnia and help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. These perfumes act as a sedative and aid not only your sleep, but also help reduce tension and stress levels. For this effect, look for perfumes with lavender and bergamot, which have been used for this purpose for centuries.

Improves concentration
Finally, perfumes can have a stimulating effect on the brain and provide extra mental stamina and energy. Moreover, because they help reduce stress, perfumes also have the secondary benefit of improving concentration and focus. 

Has aromatherapy properties
Many of the essential oils used in perfumes are also used in aromatherapy, where there is a long-established tradition regarding the wellness benefits of specific fragrances.

Evokes fond memories
Perfume is also known to trigger memories of people or events in our lives that were important to us. Many women wear the perfumes they remember their mother wearing precisely for this reason. 

Enhances your mood
Another benefit of perfume is that it acts as a mood enhancer. Indeed, perfume can not only enhance your own mood but can also improve the moods of those around you. For example, perfumes that contain ginger, rose or sandalwood can improve our stamina and energy while other scents can reduce tension, make us more outgoing, or relax us.

Headache Relief Perfume scent can help relieve an awful headache because they contain essential oils and other active compounds. Note that for some who suffer from full-on migraines, that the scent might cause the opposite and increase the migraine, so pay attention! 

Attracts attention
Perfumes have pheromones so that when you wear them, they make you more attractive to members of the opposite sex. They are also natural aphrodisiacs. Perfume is also what will make you stand out from the crowd, increase your appeal to other people and attract positive attention. Signature scents are especially good at attracting attention because they cause us to associate those scents with the people who always wear them.

Boosts confidence
Perfume is an excellent confidence booster.  It eliminates fears you might have about body odor, helps keep you feeling fresh, improves your attitude and gives you that extra bit of self-possession and self-assurance that can help get you through your day.

One Splash Will Go a Long Way

The most obvious benefit of perfume is that when you apply it, you’ll smell wonderfully better than if you hadn’t applied it. This, anyone on the street can tell you. Now you know that our own experiential learning shows us how much we can benefit from even just a splash of perfume. Even when we are home alone. 

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