6 Surprising Benefits of Wearing Perfume

The benefits of perfume have been documented by science for thousands of years. Humans store personal information about scents (memories, emotions…) showing that from the time we’re infants we start storing information through our sense of smell and have reactions to those scents at a very young age. This human trait has a large benefit to our well-being and can be used also as a therapeutic tool.

Perfume Benefits:
1. Stress Relief- for those who choose perfumes with oils containing aldehydes (eucalyptus, citronella ECT)
2. Improve Concentration- since the scent stimulates the brain.
3. Better Sleep- perfumes use essential oils, some of which treat insomnia!
4. Mood Enhancer- for you and your surrounding. That’s just what perfumes do
5. Some active compounds in perfumes Relieve Headaches
6. Boosts Confidence & Attracts Positive Attention
Designer Perfumes or Natural Fragrances? Both will give you the benefits in this list, See more!