Pets Clothes: 7 Benefits and Styles

Ever see cute pictures of friends pets wearing clothes and wonder why an animal would need to wear anything? As it turns out, pet clothes are not just stylish (although they come in plenty of styles), they’re also functional. Here now is a look some pet clothes benefits and styles:

The Benefits of Bundling 

  • If it gets very cold where you live, pet clothing provides necessary warmth for short haired pets or breeds that aren’t suited to cold climates. Older pets tend to shed more, therefore have less tolerance for cold weather, are also main beneficiaries from the warmth pet clothing provides.
  • In hot, humid climates on the other hand, your dog might benefit from a cooling vest, especially if it’s a large dog or has long hair, or is a breed that doesn’t tolerate heat well such as French bulldogs. Cooling vests, which trap cool air in and keep warm air out, can help dogs that are prone to overheating avoid heat stress.
  • Pet clothing can also provide relief for anxiety. Some animals, especially rescue pets, feel more secure when they wear tightly fitted shirts especially during occasions when there are loud noises  such as fireworks on the 4th of July or hail or heavy thunder during a thunderstorm.
  • Sometimes pets have medical conditions that they shouldn’t be scratching or licking. Much better than one of those big collars we sometimes see on animals receiving medical treatment, clothing can also help discourage pets from irritating sensitive areas.
  • Pet clothing also helps protect our furry friends from sharp objects like twigs or branches that they might rub up against during outdoor excursions. Pet shoes in particular, protect your pets efficiently from hot burning asphalt and other painful elements, by padding their furry paws. This is super important for highly outdoorsy active dogs as well as senior and blind pets. 
  • Pet clothing is also effective at helping to keep floors clean of fur, which is especially nice if you’re visiting someone’s home with your pet. It also keeps pets themselves cleaner because it prevents dirt and dust from clinging to their fur and keeps them clean if they decide to roll in something disgusting as dogs so often do.
  • Finally, if you’re a pet lover, but suffer from pet allergies, pet clothing is an excellent way to minimize the effects of allergies to fur. While not a total solution, it does help keep your furry friends’ dander, the primary cause of allergic reactions to pets, away from you.

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