11 Warning Signs for Homeowners to Call a Plumber

Homeowners often forget about their homes’ plumbing until a plumbing nightmare begins. That’s why knowing the warning signs for when to call a plumber is so important, so you can prevent your next plumbing nightmare and the carnage that it will potentially bestow upon your home and belongings.

If you’re not a homeowner, but your landlord is a good one, you might want to take good care of the home you live in, so read this too! Here are 11 signs that you should call a plumber:

Toilet gurgles when you start the shower 

 A gurgling toilet is a sign that your drain is blocked and looking for air. A plumber can locate and fix the problem before it worsens and causes more damage.

Back-flow problems 

A back-flow problem will cause black water to seep from your sink and is often due to drops in water pressure. Call a plumber to turn off your main water valve and fix the problem.

Water heater is weeping 

A weeping or sweating water heater might have a leak, which can lead to bigger issues if not addressed. Rust spots or corrosion on the water heater are also signs of a leak.

Sewer or sulfur odor 

 A broken vent or sewer pipe can cause a bad smell in the house. Left unfixed, this type of problem can be a disaster. Call a plumber immediately. 

Water running through the pipes when no one is using the water 

 This could be a sign of a leak in your hot water line. It’s usually indicated by wet or brown spots on your ceilings, floors or walls.

Basement is always damp 

 A continuously damp basement can be due to a number of problems, none of which are good. Have a plumber investigate to rule out leaking pipes as the cause.

Drainage problems 

 Call your plumber as soon as possible for drainage issues in bathtubs, showers or sinks. Otherwise the problem will just worsen with time.

Frozen pipes 

 If you don’t live in harsh climates, this won’t be an issue, but if you do, watch out. If the water in your pipes freezes, call in a plumber immediately – before the pipes crack or burst.

Extremely low water pressure 

 Low water pressure is often a sign of a clog in a faucet’s aerator, which is not as simple to fix as you might think. Plus DIY fixes could cause more damage.

No hot water

 A lack of hot water is usually a water heater issue. Since water heaters have electrical and gas components they are best left to a professional plumber to fix.

Toilet won’t stop running 

 A constantly running toilet will raise your water bill and could be a sign of a broken seal on your toilet tank.

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