Having Problems With Your Refrigerator? Learn What To Do!

Your refrigerator plays a crucial role in your home. As such, if your refrigerator is making noise, leaking water, or suffering from another issue, this needs to be rectified with immediate effect. Here are some of the most useful refrigerator repair tips so that you can keep your food fresh!

Is your refrigerator leaking water? Then it might be a good idea to check if its defrost drain is blocked. This drain is located at the back wall of the freezer and might be clogged up with food particles. Try cleaning the drain using hot water. If this doesn’t work, look for the defrost drain hose and wash its rubber valve with hot water. Is your refrigerator making noise? This might be because of a problem with one of its fans. Unplug your fridge and check to see if either the condenser fan or evaporator fan has a broken motor. Is your Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter not providing you with the fresh, thirst-quenching water you’re used to enjoying? Well, whether your fridge is a Whirlpool or any other brand, the most likely cause of this problem is that the filter needs to be replaced. After all, refrigerator filters typically only last for six months. Another common problem is when ice builds up in your freezer.

While troublesome, this issue often requires a simple solution. You might not have closed your freezer door properly after use, or the seal might not be working properly. Make sure to keep the freezer door shut when not in use and try to clean the seal so that it works properly. Alternatively, you could replace the seal. As you can see, refrigerator repairs can be easier than they seem. So, the next you’re faced with a fridge-related issue, try one of our handy yet straightforward tips!