High Yield Savings Accounts You Should Know

As any existing retiree will tell you, a pension payout is not enough to provide you with the luxurious lifestyle you always dreamed of once you decide to wrap up your career. Here are some of the best savings accounts that you can open to build your retirement fortune!

When opening up a savings account, you want to ensure that you can receive a healthy interest rate that allows you to build up your fortune over time. For an unbeatable high yield savings account, check out the American Express High Yield Savings Account. This American Express savings account gives an API of 0.40%, one of the highest rates available. What’s particularly attractive about this account is that it comes with zero monthly fees and allows up to 9 withdrawals per month, putting you in charge of your money. There’s also the Marcus Online Savings Account by Goldman Sachs, which comes with a 0.50% API, making it the best high yield savings account in terms of percentage. If you’re looking for useful savings tools and a high level of online service, look no further than the Barclays Online Savings Account. While a UK-based bank, this Barclays savings account is designed specifically with U.S. customers in mind. What’s particularly appealing about this savings account is that it is managed entirely online, meaning that you can oversee all transactions from the comfort of your own home. It also has some nifty online tools to help you set and pursue your savings goals. Apart from high interest rates, another way to ensure that your funds experience significant growth is by eliminating annoying bank fees. One of the best savings accounts for this purpose is the Discover Online Savings Account, which comes with zero monthly and insufficient funds fees as well as no minimum opening deposit.