Retire in Style, Live in Luxury: The Best Senior Living Locations

There are approximately 47 million seniors in the USA today and by 2030, one out of five citizens will be of retirement age.

These demographics have spurred the demand for senior housing and the senior housing industry has risen to the challenge. Today, you can take your pick from a wide range of luxury, upscale senior living communities. So, if you’re ready to start living the retirement life you’ve been dreaming of, this regional overview of the best luxury senior living locations in the USA is for you.

The Midwest

South Dakota is one of the best states to retire in the entire country. Here’s what makes South Dakota great for retirement despite its severe winters: 

  • no state income tax
  • high wellness levels 
  • abundant cultural options 
  • top-notch healthcare services 
  • cost of living is 6% lower than national average

The stylish Pine Hills Retirement Community in Hot Springs is an enticing example of a retirement community that offers all the luxurious amenities, enjoyable activities and quality care you need to enjoy your golden years. 

The South

In the southern region, Florida still ranks as the best southern state for retirement. Here’s why seniors love to retire in Florida:

  • a sunny, tropical climate, 
  • cost of living is 5% lower than national average
  • quality of life
  • first-rate healthcare
  • no state income tax 

If Florida is the state you’ve been dreaming about for retirement, make sure to look into the Solvita Active Adult Community in the city of Poinciana. It has everything you could possibly want for retirement including golfing, natural beauty, stylish homes, numerous recreational activities and more.

The Northeast

In the Northeast, while New Hampshire ranked high for retirement living, it’s the State of Virginia that takes the prize for best retirement location. Here’s why:

  • one of the safest states in the US
  • gorgeous natural beauty
  • good air quality
  • a comfortable climate
  • quality healthcare
  • no sales tax

If Virginia sounds like the state for you, then you’ll love Boulevard at Hermitage Richmond, which offers activities and cultural attractions galore, amazing services, and a rich community life.

The West

In the West, Idaho is the top location for retirement and it has a long list of attractive qualities that put it there. Here they are:

  • cost of living is 8% lower than the national average
  • excellent medical facilities
  • one of the lowest crime rates in the country
  • mild climate
  • stunning nature
  • social security income is not taxed
  • abundant cultural and recreational activities

Revel Eagle senior retirement community in Boise Idaho, for example, is an amazing, upmarket, luxury retirement community. It boasts superior wellness services, amenities, recreational activities, and housing.

Redefining senior living

Americans are living longer, healthier, and more comfortably than ever before and as such are redefining senior living. The negative connotations of aging and retirement have been replaced by senior living that focuses on making the most out of the golden years.