Must-Have Apps That Any Smartphone-Owning Senior Will Love

Technology is changing more quickly than ever, and these days, new phones, computers, tablets and other electronic doohickeys come out every single year, each more complicated and with more bells and whistles. For those of us who grew up before this new age of information, it can seem hard to keep up. But despite all of the smartphone complications you might have, there are still some apps out there that are not only easy to use, but may make your life easier as well!

Senior Health and Wellness

When it comes to medical complications, some apps might end up being lifesavers. Take IBP, for example – a state of the art comprehensive app that makes documenting and monitoring blood pressure as easy as checking your email. Or try Pillboxie, an app that makes remembering to take medications easier, and helps keep track of all the medication you take. Exercise Apps for Seniors will make it easier to stay healthier, while the WebMD App lets you check your symptoms at home and have peace of mind whenever new symptoms might arise

Convenience, Utility and Communication

There really is an app for everything these days, and apps for seniors are NO exception. The simple but brilliant Magnifying Glass With Light app will keep you from straining your eyes in any amount of light and with fonts of any size. Apps for finding senior discounts or with general senior citizen information like the AARP Now App are a must, and there’s even communication services like Simple Social, a social site made with older adults in mind, that allow seniors to easily stay in touch with loved ones.

For Seniors With Smartphones, These Apps Will Change The Game

Who said seniors can’t have a little fun, too? When it comes to great apps for seniors, health and utility is the beginning! Multiplayer word and puzzle games like the Words With Friends app make an ideal way for seniors to maintain their cognitive health. Subscription-based apps like Lumosity offer an even wider array of puzzles and games that are literally designed to help maintain and improve memory, while great e-book apps for seniors like Kindle, iBooks, and Goodreads, all of which come with user-friendly font magnification options, will make your phone a one-stop-shop for reading all the books on your list and finding new titles to add to it. And since we all need a little bit of love, no matter our age, get back out there with the best senior dating apps like eharmony,, and SilverSingles. 

For the avid listeners…

The days of radio and outdated cassettes are long gone, thanks to some of the brilliant music apps that you can carry in your pocket at all times. Pandora Radio lets you listen to any music genre with their customizable stations, which you can easily curate with by “upvoting” or “downvoting” each song selection. All you long-time radio news junkies will feel more informed than ever with the NPR One app, National Public Radio’s all encompassing app made specially with thor senior listeners in mind, and those who prefer audio books to the real thing will fall in love with Audible’s massive book library.

Make The Most Of Your Smartphone With These Great Apps For Seniors 

Whether you’re a smartphone owning senior looking to become even more tech-savvy, or you’re a non-senior who feels like you’re always helping parents, older relatives and the adults in your life with their phones, then these are the apps you should know about