Cheap Cars for Seniors

Cheap cars for seniors come in all shapes and sizes. It can be overwhelming at first to consider how many amazing cars for seniors are available out there on the market today. Some are luxury vehicles, and some may be used, but with the proper research and homework, any older adult looking to purchase a car can make an informed and practical choice.

We are covering different types of cars from SUVs to sedans to luxury vehicles as well as essential features to look out for, like visibility, safety, and accessibility. When you combine these factors, you are sure to find a fantastic car that is precisely suited to your budget. Purchasing a new car is exciting and often a big commitment- so take your time with the process and have fun along the way! Continue reading for important tips and tricks to ensure you find a great deal on your next car.


SUVs are one of the most popular vehicle options in the United States today. These rugged cars are not merely for off-roading or driving in the snow. Their size makes them manageable to drive but large enough that seniors can feel confident navigating on the road. SUVs also come with plenty of storage space and the ability to haul a trailer. If you and your partner are looking forward to traveling across the country once you retire, the right SUV can be an excellent way to save money on high travel costs. Popular SUVs for seniors include the Honda CRV, Subaru Outback, and Kia Sorento.

If you are looking for a cheap SUV, consider asking the dealership about what models they have available from last year. Many dealers are anxious to move last year’s models off the lot to make room for the coming year, so if you time it right, you may end up with a fabulous and affordable SUV! 


Seniors buying sedans are most often looking to purchase a sensible and reliable car that can handle their everyday needs. A large trunk and well thought out interior can go a long way for seniors to feel comfortable navigating through roads safely and securely. Sedans beloved by older adults includes the Chevrolet Impala, Hyundai Sonata, and the Toyota Corolla. 

Affordable sedans can be used or new. If you are looking to purchase a used sedan, consider the mileage and condition of the car carefully. Understand what work the sedan has undergone, and any accidents or repair work. It is always a good idea to take the car to be checked by a reliable local garage to get a full understanding of the vehicle’s health. Sedans make great cheap cars for seniors, so long as you do your homework and research carefully.


Luxury cars for seniors are very popular; after all, you have worked hard your whole life, and now it is time to reap the benefits! But can seniors find cheap luxury cars? The answer is yes. Affordable luxury cars can be found used or new and include top brands like BMW, Infiniti, and Mercedes Benz. The Lincoln Corsair, Cadillac XT4, and BMW 2 series all ring in below $37,000. 

Seniors looking to purchase a reasonable luxury car should consider used options, last year’s models, or letting some features go (like a sunroof or leather seating). Like any car, when you are looking to score a good deal on a luxury vehicle, it’s crucial to consider mileage, truck space, and safety ratings. Buying a quality car is important, and in the end, you will save you money on repair and maintenance.


Older adults looking to purchase a new car need to consider their mobility and their partner’s mobility carefully. Some vehicles may look fantastic and include all the features you desire but are situated too low to the ground, making climbing in and out a challenge. Other cars may be too high off the ground, demanding seniors make an effort to pull themselves into the car.

Ideally, older adults can find a vehicle that they can easily slide in and out of. Even if mobility is not an issue now, if you are planning on possessing the car for a while, it is something essential to keep in the back of your mind. In the end, you will save money finding the right vehicle that will fit you for years to come.


As we age, our eyesight and reaction times are not necessarily what they used to be. Luckily, technological developments make it easier and safer to drive these days. According to consumer reports, the Subaru Forester, Subaru Legacy, and Honda Pilot have the highest rated visibility. It is crucial to test-drive potential cars and consider all scenarios like backing out of a parking lot or driving on the highway. Excellent visibility helps keep older adults safe and accident-free.


When searching for a new car, consider features like a back-up camera, lane departure warning, blind-spot warning, automatic emergency brake, and driver cruise control options. When you are in the market for an affordable car, it is important to consider these features and pack them into your overall budget.

Don’t Forget 

Seniors looking for a good deal on a car need to ensure the vehicle is suitable for their abilities. Small touchscreens, voice-activated controls, and a dashboard that looks like the control panel of an airplane can be confusing and overwhelming. If you are not very tech-oriented, you can opt-out of many of the technological features that are often costly anyway. 

Finding an Affordable Car 

Purchasing a car within your budget is possible if you do your research to understand what your specific needs are and what features are suited or not, for your driving needs. SUVs, sedans, and even luxury cars can be purchased for cheap as new or used vehicles. Seniors must consider important factors like a car’s visibility, safety ratings, and accessibility. Making an informed car purchase means saving money and ultimately loving your new ride.