The Best Smart Home Systems Of 2020

With so many rapid new developments in the world of smart devices, it’s no surprise that this technology is providing household items with minds of their own! By installing a smart home system in your house, you can operate your appliances, thermostats, lights, curtains, garage doors (and more) all without a single touch. Let’s take a look at the best smart home systems that you can buy in 2020.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, this smart home system works effortlessly from the SmartThings mobile app, allowing you to add devices to your SmartThings Hub in an instant. With SmartThings, you can automate connected devices, ensuring that they turn on and off precisely when you want them to. You will also receive alerts whenever there is unusual activity in your home. What’s particularly great about this system is that it can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Apple HomeKit

This smart home system is available exclusively to Apple customers. The concept of the Apple HomeKit is simple – to create an integrated app from which to manage your entire smart home without the need for additional apps for each device. This HomeKit can be controlled from any iPhone, iPad, or Macbook and can be operated through Siri.

Amazon Alexa

Originally included in the Amazon Echo speaker in 2014, Amazon Alexa is now available on a whole host of devices. This virtual AI assistant comes in speaker form, whereby you can give Alexa voice commands, in addition to being built into tech products in other forms, such as the Ecobee4 thermostat and smart television. With Alexa, you can control your home appliances as well as navigate mobile apps such as Spotify. As one of the most popular smart home solutions on the market, Alexa is compatible with products from a variety of manufacturers, not limited to the likes of Philips, Samsung, and Nest.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual AI assistant and smart home hub rolled into one. This Google solution is available on a variety of platforms, from smartphones to speakers, watches, and even cars! What’s particularly attractive about Google Assistant is its ability to truly understand how human beings speak. Not only has it been found to be five times more accurate at delivering information than Alexa, but it will also perform functions according to your tastes, for example, skipping a song on Spotify if you tell Google Assistant that it is not suited to your tastes.


This smart home app provides a single platform from which to integrate all of your smart home appliances. Yonomi is easy to set up, user friendly, and compatible with all of your existing tech. What’s particularly attractive about this smart home hub is its unparalleled range of controls – more than most of its top competitors. It also allows you to create automated routines for different scenarios, for example, playing specific music and dimming the lighting when you want to engage in “dinner party mode”.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve seen the best smart home systems of 2020, you can go about automating your home, thereby taking your quality of life to the next level!