The Best Smart Home Systems Of 2020

Imagine your cleaning service on steroids. That’s what commercial cleaning services are. The actual cleaning performed with a regular cleaning service, is often cosmetic and minimal. They will vacuum, empty trash cans, wipe windows & kitchen counters, wash dishes and keep the appearance presentable. But deeper dirt, dust, allergens and pathogens will usually remain in carpets, blinds, upholstery and in ventilation systems.

You can also choose to get alerts from connected devices when there’s unexpected activity in your home or set them to activate whenever you like (is everyone thinking of their washing machine like me right now??). Apple, Samsung, Google and Amazon all have leading smart home products and complete systems on the market this fall. There are also many great products from other manufacturers that aren’t mega-brand-giants, and mostly priced much better.
Take a look at the best smart home systems & products to automate your home into 2021