The Best Stairlifts You Can Buy In 2020

As you approach your retirement years, it’s always a good idea to plan ways to better manage your health and physical wellbeing, promising your mobility within your home to stay uncompromised. Save yourself much pain and aggravation in your golden years and increase accessibility in your home by installing a stairlift. Where to start you ask? Lets take a look at the best stairlifts that you could purchase in 2020!

Bruno: The Elite – Best Quality Overall

This luxurious looking stairlift boasts some of the most advanced features on the market, including highly-padded, ergonomic seats, adjustable armrests, foldable footrests, and audio and visual diagnostic readouts for those with hearing or visual disabilities! In addition to its many gadgets, this stairlift is also highly durable – after all, Bruno strictly complies ISO 9001 quality guidelines during the manufacture of each of its products. What’s more, this stairlift automatically recharges no matter where on the rail it is located.

AmeriGlide – Best Budget Stairlifts

If you’re looking for high-quality stairlifts at an affordable cost, then this proudly American company is for you. Because this company sells directly to customers, you do not have to pay the inflated costs associated with retail stores. For around $1,690, you can buy the Horizon Plus Stair-Lift with dual footrest-raising levers, a retractable seatbelt, a fully adjustable seat, and an ergonomic joystick.

Stannah Outdoor 320 Stairlift: Best Outdoor Option

If you have staircases to your patio, driveway, garden, or garage, then this Stannah stairlift is for you! Fitted with durable, all-weather material, this stairlift protrudes just 15 inches from the wall, leaving plenty of space on narrow staircases. With UV resistance and waterproof material, this stairlift remains undamaged in both rain and shine. What’s more, it has a sensor that detects debris on the tracks so that the stairlift does not get damaged!

Acorn – Easy To Install

This United Kingdom-based manufacturer specializes in fast delivery and easy installation, requiring zero structural changes to your home. With Acorn’s FastTrack system, your stairlift will be delivered to your home and installed within days of your purchase. Acorn’s unique modular designs means that even the models made for curved staircases require relatively basic installation processes.

Bruno: The Elite Curve – For Curved Staircases

If your staircase happens to be curved, then this Bruno model is the best stairlift you can buy. Custom built to fit any staircase configuration, the Elite Curve features an attractive upholstered seat, an adjustable footrest, onboard audio/visual diagnostics for easy status readouts, and a tall vertical rail for added stability. It can also be fitted with larger seating and footrest options according to your preferences!

The Bottom Line

No matter how daunting getting older may seem, you can rest assured that by choosing the right stairlift, you can make your lifestyle a whole lot more luxurious. Consider one of the above options for a sturdy, durable, and comfortable stairlift for your home!