What You Should Know When Looking For Storage units

Many seniors decide to downsize their homes. When it comes to deciding what to do with all of the furniture and other property that cannot fit in their new house, there is a simple and effective solution for this – finding a storage locker. Here are some tips on how to get the best deal possible on the storage unit of your choice!

Choose The Correct Size

Storage units come in an array of sizes, starting with a 5’ x 5’ locker. In order to prevent yourself from overpaying, it is imperative that you select a storage unit that precisely fits your storage requirements.

If you are unsure as to how much space you need, it’s better to rather pick a smaller unit, as you can always upgrade should it prove insufficient. You can also fit more stuff into your unit by packing efficiently. For example, make sure to stack chairs on top of one another and store your sofa in a space-saving way (this may mean tilting it on its side).

Don’t Pay For Unnecessary Amenities

The more optional extras you choose, the more you end up paying. While climate control is important for certain valuables, such as antique jewelry and wine, it is not necessary for every item, so don’t select it if you don’t need it. Also, while 24/7 access to your locker may sound like a perk, think about how often you’ll really need to visit your locker after hours.

Search Outside Your Area

While it may seem fitting to use a storage facility in your area, you will also likely pay more for this convenience. Look for storage facilities located in more rural locations or perhaps on the outskirts of the city. The money you save on location could actually be used towards amenities that you would not have paid for if you picked a more expensive storage unit.

Before making a final decision, however, it is important to consider how often you will need to visit the storage facility. If you need to use your unit regularly, then you may want to use one a little closer to home so that you can save money on fuel as well as time.

Commit To A Long-Term Rental

By entering into a long-term rental contract, you will pay a lower monthly rental fee than if you only rented a unit on a per monthly basis. On top of that, some storage facilities will give you a discount if you choose to pay your entire fee upfront as opposed to multiple installments. Once you know that you will need the unit for a long time, then this is the approach that you should take.

Keep An Eye Out For Discounts

Many storage facilities offer senior discounts. By finding one with this offer, you can save anywhere between 10 and 15% on your monthly rent!