Why Swimming Lessons are A Must For Your Kids & Toddlers

Maybe your baby isn’t such a baby anymore, changing from the infantile stages of early life into walkin’ talkin’ little humans right before your eyes. And while nothing can top the joyous highs or cancel out the stressful lows of raising a child through this pivotal time in their life, you shouldn’t overlook the benefits of giving early childhood swimming lessons to your kids.

Whether they are an aquatic newbie or have been splashing around since six months old, School & preschool-focused swimming lessons could be the perfect way to continue their healthy introduction to the world. Here’s what you need to know.

For children, gaining confidence in the water is the milestone of learning a lifelong ability. When a young child learns anything new and is given the support and encouragement to do so, it not only boosts their confidence outright, but it re-wires their neurons to understand what it takes for their growing minds and bodies to gain a new skill. Indeed, children & toddler swimming programs have been proven as a golden opportunity for children to build confidence in, around, and out of the water, all while developing their physical, mental, social and emotional skills in a safe, controlled environment. 

Teach young children the joys and risks of being in the water with swimming lessons!

There’s something magical about being in the water, so it’s never too late to give that gift to your child. Children who aren’t exposed to the water until later are usually more nervous and unconfident about swimming, while those who are exposed at a younger age are more likely to master the skill as they grow towards adulthood. In a proper swim lessons program, toddlers and children will:

  • Learn proper behaviour for in and around the water and reinforce basic safety practices.
  • Practice entering and exiting the water in a way that suits their size, strength and age.
  • Work on critical breath control skills like holding breath and bubbling blowing.
  • Solidify the full-body balance needed to orientate vertically or horizontally in the water.
  • Gain more of an understanding of their capabilities and potential risks of the water.

All the wonderful physical aspects of swimming will regulate your child’s energy and metabolism levels, and will stimulate healthy muscle growth in a way that is easy on joints and activates many parts of the body at once.

Swimming lessons can reduce a child’s chance of drowning. Plain and simple. It’s something every parent hopes they never have to think about, which is why it’s best to make it something you don’t have to worry about. Toddlers will naturally be curious about water but may have trouble staying focused when they are around it. Swimming lessons will inherently teach toddlers how to be safe around water, and train their muscle memory to stay focused and vigilant even through the distractions. And even we parents let our guard down once in a while, so by giving your child the joys and benefits of being in the water, you’ll also be giving yourself the reassurance that your toddler will be prepared if they ever take an unexpected dive.

Search for Children Swimming Lessons Near Me, and set your child on the course for a healthier, safer, more confident life!