The Latest Toyota Lineup For 2021

Since 1937, Toyota has developed a reputation for building stylish, reliable and functional vehicles. With appealing Toyota offers and incentives ranging from sedans to crossovers, 2021 promises to be an unforgettable year for the legendary Japanese auto manufacturer. Let’s get a sneak peak at Toyota’s juicy lineup for 2021!

Starting with cars, we have the ever-reliable Toyota Prius. Fitted with premium quality upholstery and up to 36.6 cu. ft. of space, this spacious and comfortable ride is also an EV enthusiasts dream: it comes with three driving modes, namely EV mode, EV auto mode, and hybrid mode. If cruising down the open road is more your style, then you’ll want to check out the monstrous Mirai. With its athletic chassis, the 2021 Mirai is equipped with a 182 horsepower electric powertrain, providing it with a powerful, rear-wheel driven acceleration. Of course, one can’t skim over the latest lineup without taking a peak at some of the signature Toyota SUV Models. Roomy and luxurious, with its plush interior and exquisite tech features, the Toyota RAV4 is the ideal family vehicle. What’s more, this versatile model also has superb gas mileage, clocking 28 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the open road. For even greater mileage, there’s the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, capable of achieving up to 41 mpg! As an alternative, be sure to check out the Toyota Highlander; an SUV built to perform. With a powerful 295-horsepower V6 engine, the Highlander also possesses premium safety features to ensure an enjoyable yet secure ride.