Fall In Love With Potatoes Again With These Crazy Simple Tips And Recipes

Any way you slice it, there’s no food quite as versatile, quite so comforting and endlessly delicious as the humble potato. From ketchup-dipped french fries to Thanksgiving sides, whether they’re fried, mashed, baked, or hashed, you know as well as we do that adding some potato goodness to the menu will make any meal a hit. And these days, even the most trusted recipe sites like delish.com and Allrecipes offer a plethora of potato recipes that you can make only in the microwave! So make breakfast more than just a routine even in a rush and keep snack time snazzy every time, with some of the simplest and tastiest potato recipes out there.

But a microwaved potato? How good can it be?!

You’ll just have to try it and see for yourself! Why waste 15 minutes preheating the oven, and hours more fussing with the prep and the baking when you can microwave your potato in just 7 minutes? According to the expert recipe testers at delish.com, here’s all you need to do for a steller, 4-step microwave baked potato recipe: 

1) Wash it; 2) Poke it; 3) Microwave it; 4) Top it

Grab your Idaho Fresh potatoes crub off any dirt and grit, and dry it well. This step is even more important if you like to eat your baked potato with the skin on. Making lots of little holes all over the potato skin will let steam escape as it heats up. Not only will these prevent potato explosions in the microwave, but it will help the potato stay fluffy and delicious once cooked. 

Russet potatoes are often recommended, but any tuber variation will work! Just keep in mind that cook time will vary depending on the size and density of your potato. Start with 3 or 4 minutes, flip the hot potato with tongs or a fork, and continue adding 3 minutes of cooking time until you get the perfect tender, creamy, baked potato. Now comes the fun part. Bacon bits and sour cream, cheddar cheese, green onions, and butter, salt, pepper, or parmesan—with truly endless options to load up with your perfect potato, this meal will keep friends and family alike satisfied!

And it doesn’t stop with a bake! With the right microwave recipe, creamy and delicious mashed potatoes will be done quickly and hassle free. And if you’re feeling adventurous, adding a simple toaster oven to the kitchen arsenal will expand your potato repertoire even more!

Cooking Delicious Potatoes Has Never Been So Simple

Potatoes are packed with vitamin B6, vitamin C and iron, and for those choosy eaters who can’t stand the thought of a banana, potatoes offer an excellent alternative source of potassium. The pickiest of kids will happily “eat their vegetables” when you make one of yummly.com’s low-carb, healthy microwave potato chips—yes, you heard that correctly—which are even more delicious than the store bought and offer a way healthier option that will keep you and your family in good health without compromising the snacks you love.

Make delicious meals easy again and fall back in love with your microwave. Whether you grow them yourself, get them from a produce stand or farmers market, or simply grab a bag of Idaho Fresh’s finest off the shelf, you’ll be shocked at how delicious your potatoes taste in dishes with so little prep time.

Every bite will be a stress-free delight — try out some new simple and delicious potato recipes, today!